83.7% of Spanish Internet users say that the pandemic has prompted them to buy online

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83.7% of Spanish Internet users say that the pandemic has prompted them to buy online

These data from the 2021 annual ecommerce study , from a survey of more than 1,000 Internet users, indicates that 62.3% of those surveyed buy online once or twice a month, while 25.9% do so once or more times a week and 11.8% eventually (once or twice a year). Almost 90% believe they will spend more or the same this year than last.The annual study of eCommerce 2021 also concludes that the mobile phone continues to be the preferred device when consuming online (56.2%), followed by the computer (36.6%) and the tablet (7.3%). Regarding the benefits of shopping online, 6 out of 10 respondents highlight convenience as the main advantage, followed by a greater variety of products. On the contrary, not being able to test the product is the main disadvantage for 7 out of 10 respondents, followed by the difficulty in making claims and returns.

At the business level, among Spanish ecommerce, 87% say that their turnover has increased and taking stock of the forecasts for 2021, 76.1% plan to invoice more. The sales channels they use the most are the website, followed by social networks and marketplaces. Regarding the technologies that they consider to be implemented in electronic commerce in the coming years, artificial intelligence stands out, followed by augmented reality, voice assistants and social payment. MASTER IN E-COMMERCE & DIGITAL Australia Business Phone List Learn from the leading experts in the sector want to find out!
67% of Spanish Internet users would like to work in the sector
On the other hand, the Spanish are seeing how ecommerce is undoubtedly a sector on the rise. In fact, 67% of Spanish Internet users would like to work in the sector and of them, 87% would even like to have their own online business . However, 7 out of 10 feel unprepared and believe that a lack of technical, marketing and sales and logistics skills are the main problems.How to integrate eCommerce into your business strategyDownload

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“Electronic commerce has grown  Gulf Email List exponentially this last year. We have experienced an explosion in the sector like we had not known before, giving way to a wide range of opportunities for those who want to take advantage of all the advantages that the Internet offers ” , explains Óscar Fuente, Director and founder of IEBS . “This growth has been marked by the need for companies to find new ways to sell their products or services during the pandemic and, according to all forecasts, it has come to stay,” he adds.
What do you think of the conclusions of the annual ecommerce study 2021 ? Leave your comments and share!For this reason, the IEBS training offer is designed to guide and promote, both professionals and companies, on their way to digital transformation thanks to programs such as the Master in e-Commerce & Digital Marketing , focused on learning all areas of knowledge necessary to manage an electronic commerce with a comprehensive vision.

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