85% of Spaniards under 40 already buy private labels

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85% of Spaniards under 40 already buy private labels

As we can extract from the study carried out by affinitas, the trend that guides consumer habits in recent years finds its main starting point in the change that consumers and users are making around the use and consumption of distributor brand products, better known as white label products. Nepal Phone Number List  Thus, in markets as important as North America, this type of product already represents more than a trillion dollars in annual turnover.In Spain, this industry is also a reality in which 85% of citizens under 40 years of age and 65% of large families participate actively and daily. Other European countries, such as France and England, present similar data that support a practically global change in habits.
Products such as food or stationery account for 65% of this type of consumption, mainly motivated by the difference in prices (up to 66% higher in products with their own brand). The almost identical view of the quality of these products with respect to their private label counterparts is the other fundamental pillar that creates the success of the private label.The market, increasingly homogeneous, and the current crisis, which in many cases forces to establish price as a priority, have made the consumer increasingly mature and demanding who little by little frees himself from the dependency that he has had for years. of many brands. A union that currently has gone to the background, less rational, and that is making a dent in its own brands.


Private label in the printer ink marketThis is how, even in markets such as that of printer inks in which own brands had practically dominated sales, they have seen consumer demand increase in recent years in search of  gulf email list  products of the same quality, but with a price much more competitive. Octavio Laguía, commercial director of conZumo.com, an online store specializing in white label printer consumables, confirms the data showing that in recent years the demand for this type of product has increased as a result of the loss of fear of consumers, who are beginning to move away from the dependency they had until now on printer brands.
A general trend in the markets that is allowing private labels to gain ground and that presents an even more favorable projection for the coming years, especially now that consumers are beginning to see that the reduction in prices does not necessarily imply a reduction in quality. .

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