9 tips to sell more using LinkedIn

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9 tips to sell more using LinkedIn


Networks also influence the way companies advertise, serve consumers, sell products and even how they do business with each other. LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for B2B companies, who need to focus on a more corporate profile.In this post, we give you nine tips for your sellers to improve business generation through the platform, which already has more than 75 million users in Latin America. uae telephone directory Want to dive deeper into how to generate results on LinkedIn? Download our eBook How to sell more on LinkedIn and learn how to extract business opportunities from this social network.
Create an important network of connections
The saying “tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are” makes a lot of sense on LinkedIn. Being connected with recognized people in your sector increases credibility with potential clients.To increase your connections and also be a bridge with the potential client:
Include your profile address in your email signature and on your business card.
Add friends from college and former co-workers.
Take advantage of the contacts made in courses, talks and other events in the area.
Add good customers, new ones, and older contact bases.
Add interesting contacts created in groups on LinkedIn itself.
Attract good connections with interesting updates on your profile
We already mentioned here on the blog how important it is for your company to use content production to attract potential customers. That strategy also works for salespeople.
Use the platform’s update space to share articles or interesting news with your cycle of connections. And even better if you have written the material and it was published in a channel with a good reputation, since it shows your knowledge about the sector for which you are offering solutions.
Avoid making posts about your personal status, advertising your resume, or trying to sell your product.

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Talk about new issues: stay updated about what is happening in your sector abroad, read specialized material, discover innovations, seek the opinion of specialists gulf email list and start generating discussions.
Maintain frequency: it is of little use to create a topic or comment once a month. Posting weekly makes you gain status as an influencer within a LinkedIn group. Spend at least 30 minutes a day to see what is being commented out there.Avoid advertising: if you are going to offer a solution to someone who appears to be a potential customer, do so through a private message. Accompany possible prospectsHave you seen a contact in a group and do you think they have the potential to be your client? Use the “Follow” option to track their updates, as they can serve as clues for a safer approach.The option to follow is similar to the option to connect, but it does not depend on the other person accepting. Discover the best time to contact a prospect
Getting the timing right of the boarding greatly increases the chances that your offer will be heard.LinkedIn shows the exact update time of your connections or the people you follow, making it easier to identify when a contact is generally available.Take advantage of that moment to send a message through the tool itself or make a call. Keep in mind that if your prospect has time to comment in groups or update the profile, it is very likely that they will also be available to take a call in that time.Take advantage of profile resources
Use a professional photo. Profiles with photos are 21 times more likely to be viewed, and the average InMail response for them is 40% higher. Show your best smile, look into the camera, and invest in clothes that demonstrate professionalism.

Invest in the summary. That’s your “30-second sales pitch.” Focus on what you do, how it helps your clients and in the best way for them to establish contact. Write in the first person, avoid topics and mention skills and experiences that are directly connected to your current job.Other interesting options are the possibility of adding certifications, presentations through SlideShare, publications on LinkedIn itself or on other blogs. Use this space to make available materials produced by your company, presentations of your products or services or even a document with different cases of clients that you have attended. Develop a good connection with your customers
No one can be more important to a salesperson than their current customers. Ultimately, a satisfied consumer has the potential to be an excellent promoter of your products or services.When the customer is loyal by a seller , there are great chances that they will recommend you, even before your company. You should be attentive to consumer posts, comment on interesting posts, participate in the same groups, recommend quality material, build a trusting relationship and, if possible, get a good recommendation.Another tip that is worth putting into practice is recommending your clients for the areas in which they are specialists. This helps establish a relationship of respect and trust.
Humanize the contact with extra information about your prospect
LinkedIn offers a series of information that can be very useful for a first call.If you are a salesperson, you probably don’t know where to start a conversation. At that point, having common ground with the prospect helps a lot.

Look for mutual friends, work connections, topics of interest, discussion groups, college, overseas courses, and previous jobs. These points tend to humanize the contact and make the approach less mechanical.
In addition, the behavior of the prospect on LinkedIn offers clues of the language to be used, a very important point for the first contact. Pay attention to the way you communicate, especially in group discussions: if you write a lot or little, if it is formal or casual, if it imposes ideas or is more participatory. Don’t be a spammer Nobody likes inconvenient people. Therefore, avoid advertising products at all times or disseminating copy and paste type texts in the groups in which you participate. Doing so can backfire!
Sending invitations indiscriminately to everyone you think is interesting is another frowned upon attitude.
Inserting the name of your product or sector countless times in the description makes your profile less professional and unreliable. It is a practice highly repudiated by those who make up the network.
Before taking some of these actions that may seem tempting, evaluate what other users are doing and the impact. That’s a good way to find out what works and what dislikes. In this way, it is easier to find the path of good practices and achieve the expected result.

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