91% of women complain that brands and advertisers don’t understand them

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91% of women complain that brands and advertisers don’t understand them

Women have already consolidated their power on social media. An environment in which they develop with ease, and that they have learned to take advantage of its advantages. For this reason, they become the priority target audience of any Social Media strategy, which forces brands to show lithuania phone call  interest in studying their behavior, in order to satisfy their needs.Pinterest is the quintessential female social network. Forbes estimates that between 72% and 97% of its users are women. From the outset, this sector of the population appreciated its potential, and has made the plank network one of its main sources of inspiration and influence when buying. In addition, this is also where the users with the highest income are found. 61% acknowledge having used it in the last 6 months, which is twice as high as the rest of the population.
Facebook also does not escape the domain of women. 58 of the profiles registered in the network of networks have a woman’s name, a faithful example of the social skills of this segment of the population and their interest in maintaining contact with their environment, with which to share, discover and comment on information and contentsWomen have also been able to exercise their power on Twitter. Beevolve indicates that they lead the opposite gender by 6%, enough to manifest their hegemony. Female interests revolve around family and fashion, while in the case of men they focus on technology, sports and business.


Let’s not forget that women, in addition to outnumbering, are also more active in the 2.0 world. The work published by MyLife and Harris Interactive, it was collected that 1 in 4 women check their social profiles even before their email; It is a daily activity that they try to do when they wake up.
In addition, their growing  gulf email list  purchasing power makes them a prime audience for brands. She-conomy data indicates that women are responsible for 85% of purchases, which includes even sectors as masculine a priori as the automotive sector. The volume of purchases in this niche market is valued at 5 billion dollars a year.They have taken advantage of their innate qualities for communication and that concern for their environment to position themselves as great influencers in the online field. A profile that is especially evident in the case of mothers, who share, comment and recommend. 59% of moms acknowledge having bought the product that another mom had recommended on the web. 44% were influenced by the purchase of another friend, or by that brand that she followed on social networks. The Ipsos report shows that more than half of women even consider helping their friends or family to make the best decision as a responsibility.
In contrast, 91% of women complain that brands and advertisers do not understand them. A fact that companies cannot continue to turn their backs on, however, they have not yet bothered to know their interests and needs, in order to design a message designed for them.

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