A / B experiments in the Google Play Store tab

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A / B experiments in the Google Play Store tab

What is the first thing the user sees when browsing the store? Exactly! The Google Play tab . In the tab there are numerous elements that directly influence the download. Learn to optimize them!
Using the A / B experiments we can find the most optimal combination of resources (screenshots, short text, icon, description …) to improve the conversions or downloads of the app.
As I mentioned in the ASO Manual, any improvement in the file has a direct impact on the On-Metada factors, so we must take advantage of all the functionalities that are within our reach to scale positions and get more downloadsA simple icon change can lead to a conversion improvement of + 30%.NOTE: The experiments are not available in iTunes Connect but we can replicate the insights and see how the users of the Apple Store behave.

Example of a creative card from the visual point of vi💡Tips before the A / B experiment
The goal of the digital marketer is to interpret the results and decide what works best . In order to make correct decisions, it is necessary to be clear about some aspects:Clear objective : It is important to be clear that we want to test a new concept, but without mixing different tests.Only one attribute per experiment: It is best to run simple tests to be able to attribute the variation to that change. If we make many changes, we will not know which one is having an impact or if one is negative, but its effect is masked by the overall resultConstant monitoring: If the experiment is working really badly we can stop it before affecting the total conversion too muchDuration of the test: The experiment must last at least between 7 and 10 days. By testing weekdays and weekends we have more complete dataStart with the icon: It is interesting to start testing with the app icon. For example, a game can have the image of a character or an object. The results can be very differentExperiment regularly: Always have experiments running, even if what we test may not cell number database marketing is keyLook at the competition: Can’t think of where to start? Looking at the competition is the first step in getting ideasWhat is the room for improvement? It depends on what the margin of improvement is, we must be cautious. If the percentage change is very small we should not make big decisions.

🧪Types of experimentsIn Google Play we can find two types of experiments, depending on where they are applied and what elements are tested:Global: Global experiments apply to all places that have the default language. Only graphic changes (not text) are allowed to be tested.Localized: The localized experiments only apply to the selected language and allow to do graphical tests and also of text resources.NOTE : In order to perform localized experiments we must have our application in at least 2 languages🆎Create an A / B test in the Google Play tabStep 1: Access and select type
Access the Google Play console and select “Presence in Google Play Store” -> “Experiments and the Play Store filesOnce inside, you select the type of experiment you want to carry out (global or localized)


Step 2: Configure the A / B test
Add a name .Select a segmentation * (maximum 50% of users). * If more variants are added to the experiment the public is divided between them.Select the gulf email list attribute to test .Add variants (you can add up to three).Step 3: Analyze and make decisionsAnalyze the results and make decisions : From the experiment panel itself, it allows us to “apply” the changes to the file if the test is satisfactory.In this example we should still give the experiment more time, you do not have enough data to make a decisionIt is advisable, as long as the budget allows it, to carry out acquisition campaigns to achieve a greaternumber of results. Sometimes organic traffic is not enough for these tests.

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