A matter of trends: detecting what is coming in digital issues is key

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A matter of trends: detecting what is coming in digital issues is key

Luis Moreno (Head of Technology & Trends at Arena Media and full-time geek) will be one of the teacherswho will teach in the first edition of the Master: Digital Communication & Social Media at Miami Ad School Madrid. The Future Media Landscape is the area in which Luis will teach everything there is to know about technology and trends. We have chatted with him to learn a little more about the relevance and importance of detecting and understanding trends and the role of innovation in the digital environment.What is a trend  kuwait landline number search and how is it detected?Well, I suppose that trend is everything that is between the moment of being very little known and being accepted in a general way. As in fashion, you have to go to catwalks to see the collections for the following season. In digital it is important to go to conferences and events to see what is coming. The best way is usually to look outside, usually in countries like the US that have more budget to investigate although in Europe we fall short in technological developments. Of course, reading a lot helps a lot to detect everything that is developing in the digital world.
What is the role of the Trendhunter? its importance?
Well, detecting what is coming, in my case in digital issues is key. More than anything, because in this area, I always say that he who gives first gives three times.
He thinks that the learning gained in a year is a huge difference in knowledge between those who have started using some type of technology with those who have not. To give you an example, in social buzz monitoring issues many are starting now, when we have really been with it for 5 years. Imagine the difference in knowledge gained about these types of tools from someone starting years earlier.


How to intuit before it happens that a trend is burned?Let’s say that the trend does not burn out, but is standardized with all the good that this entails, more competition and lower costs for example. You see this when you have a gulf email list thousand providers offering similar services or there are many people who come to tell you the same thing over and over again, or when it was difficult for you to find information on a subject and now everyone writes about it. This obviously does not have to be bad.Brands are aware of this in general, but the reality is that although everyone may have it in mind more or less, very few do. The reason basically is that there is currently a short-term results mentality, so investing in this area is usually relegated to second place. The research of technologies and trends will always give results in the medium and long term since it helps them to position themselves before their competitors. If you look at most of the brands join in doing what the rest of the leading brands do, they do not try to innovate but to replicate. Steve Jobs said that what differentiates between a leader and a follower is innovation. I think that before investing in this, brands have to ask themselves what they want to be, leaders or followers.How do you see the future of the media? Do you think that the rr.ss that we know now have an expiration date or will they be renewed so as not to die?
The media look good, although not as we know them, above all the traditional ones. There must be a series of very important changes in radio press and especially television. The problem here is that traditional media are reluctant to change because of established economic interests. Even so, it is something that is inevitable and it is a matter of time. Social networks have played a fundamental role in this change and they still have a lot to say. Part of all this is the mutation that even social networks themselves will undergo. In a matter of very few years, we have seen networks emerge that disappear in two or three years. This means that no consolidated network is going to be able to afford immobility since the environment has shown that the one that does not have the capacity to adapt disappears in a very short time.Mobile devices are forcing all platforms to mutate and we have a lot to see. Whoever does not carry out this process naturally and does so will already lose their market share, which in the medium term will be fatal. Think that Internet access is already mostly through mobile devices, the market for conventional computers continues to fall in proportion to the increase in tablets and smartphones. Social networks are already mobile when a little over a year ago they were not. And not only that, but what remains for us to see, wearable computing for example. networks will have to continue adapting to glasses and smartwatches … In short, an exciting world to follow closely.

How can a master’s degree in digital communication and social media help in the professional field? Do you think it is important today to have specific training on this subject?
Right now, training in this area is one of the best options since the digital sector is in full growth. Look at any ranking of human resources on the most demanded sectors and at the top you will always find digital marketing and social media.There is a long journey in this environment, especially because it is very changeable and if you hurry me I would tell you that you have to be almost in the process of continuous training. Training is very necessary and it will help you focus your shot and know where to start. There are many areas within the digital in which to develop. He thinks that this sector demands new professions that did not exist before and until recently there has been no specific training. For example, I am lucky enough to participate in a course in which they already dedicate an exclusive module in which all these trends and areas of the digital media of the future are exposed. Being clear about the trends that are coming is key to positioning yourself and guiding your career.Keeping an eye on emerging trends is a 24/7 job, but how do you become a trend hunter? What do you have to have to be good at this?I always say that I don’t know what I’m going to be working on in 5 years, and I would almost tell you that not even in 2 … there are many things to come, big data, internet of things, wearable computing, measurement technologies for everything kind … it’s not easy to keep up with everything. To be good at this you need what in any job, desire and passion for what you do, but above all to be very restless and want to know.

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