Advertising on LinkedIn, key in B2B marketing strategies

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Advertising on LinkedIn, key in B2B marketing strategies

How to boost your B2B marketing strategy with LinkedIn
Throughout 2020 and into 2021, the situation generated by the pandemic has raised activity on LinkedIn to record levels . Last year, the number of active sessions  uk phone number database grew by 30% and conversations by almost 50% compared to 2019. In addition, the hours that users dedicated to this professional social network multiplied by two, according to Microsoft’s own data .One way to take advantage of this increased activity on LinkedIn is through advertising, but for users to trust the brand and become familiar with its products and services, it is convenient to develop an organic strategy that reinforces the echo of the campaigns. We summarize three good practices to achieve this: Don’t just share your brand’s content
The content curation is essential to carry out a strategy of organic marketing on LinkedIn. Ideally, there should be a balance between your own content and other relevant sources for the sector . At the same time, the tone of the posts on the LinkedIn page should avoid excessive self-promotion.
Bet on audiovisual formats and live broadcasts
As with the rest of social networks , audiovisual content has established itself as the preferred format of users. LinkedIn launched its Stories a few months ago and, in addition, the particularity of this platform means that webinars and online conferences have become popular as an alternative to fairs and physical events canceled due to the pandemic. Involve your colleagues in the marketing strategy on LinkedIn
Your colleagues at the company make up a highly relevant organic speaker for the content you post on LinkedIn. If they comment and share it, they will reach a highly qualified network of contacts and engagement with the posts will increase naturally .
LinkedIn is a very suitable platform for lead capture campaigns in B2B sectors


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Advertising investment in digital media by B2B brands has been growing at double-digit rates gulf email list for years. If we take the data from eMarketer , in the United States it increased by 22.6% in 2020 , and LinkedIn was not left out, as its advertising revenues grew by 23% .
Currently, Marketing Solutions , LinkedIn’s advertising platform, has not stopped adding features that diversify the type of campaigns they can launch. We highlight three fundamental aspects:
A very precise algorithm depending on the objectives of each campaign
As with Facebook , Pinterest or even Twitch , LinkedIn has an algorithm that allows each advertising campaign to be adjusted to the objectives that the brand seeks at all times. Therefore, campaigns can be aimed at getting new visits to the web, impressions to publicize the brand, video views or directly to attract new leads.

This algorithm is equipped with artificial intelligence technology that allows automating a large part of the bidding process to obtain the maximum performance of each campaign based on the selected objective.
Very advanced targeting options to reach key profiles
Brands can target campaigns to a very specific audience that can be chosen based on the characteristics of the company they work for, position, sector and even professional and personal interests . It is also possible to impact contacts who already know your brand with retargeting strategies and even reach an audience similar to your clients with the Audience Expansion option
Another of the advertising possibilities on LinkedIn is its Audience Network , which allows you to extend the reach of your campaigns beyond the LinkedIn feed . It works in a similar way to the Facebook Audience Network ; And the ads that also appear on this network of sites gain 25% visibility compared to restricting only the advertising to the feed. Wide variety of ad formats
It is one of the most powerful areas of advertising on LinkedIn. Currently, Sponsored Content formats with a more visual cut (include a photo, video or image carousels) generate 38% more clicks than text-only ads and are ideal for generating engagement around the brand .
For highly conversion-focused campaigns, ads with lead generation forms are a great option as they make data collection much easier. LinkedIn already completes the fields automatically, so users can submit a form with just a couple of clicks. LinkedIn, a fundamental platform in B2B marketing
In 2020, LinkedIn has consolidated its leadership as the preferred platform for capturing leads from B2B companies . However, LinkedIn advertising cannot be understood in isolation, as the organic strategy reinforces and expands its potential.
If you want to optimize the results of your brand’s advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, we invite you to contact us and our specialists will analyze current performance and propose ways to improve it.

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