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When call tracking appeared on the website for Adwords campaigns a few months ago it was a big step, as many advertisers had been waiting for this option for a long time. We all know that there are many sectors where calls are made and not contact forms, so in this situation we had to choose metrics such as% bounce, average time, contact page display, … as metrics of the good or bad performance of a campaign, ad group or  iceland telephone directory keyword. This created uncertainty for the client if the calls were coming from Adwords or not.
his led to inefficiencies since it could happen that a user, just entering the web, made a call directly without visiting other pages or making any other option, this could mean a high bounce%, a low average time, … and lead us to dropping a keyword, campaign, or ad group that was actually bringing in quality users.
The call tracking of the website what it does is replace the phone number that is on the web by a dynamic Google phone, in this way Adwords can associate each call with our Adwords account.
To configure this call tracking you need:
Have a call extension in the Adwords account.
That the company is from the countries that have this option: Germany, Australia, Belgium, Spain, the United States, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.
A website where you can include a label.
A webmaster who can include the tracking tag and a JavaScript snippet for us.
HOW TO ASSESS THE RESULTSn our Adwords metrics, when customizing the columns we can have the column: “Telephone Calls” , in this column we can see the number of calls that have been received from Adwords

Iceland-Phone-Number-List (1)

The problem with this metric is that it only gives us information on the total number of calls from both web calls and from the call extension, but if we want to  gulf email list have more information we must go to dimensions and segment by call details. In this report we can see information such as; duration, the call prefix, the announcement group to which it corresponds and above all the type of call since we have 2 types of call tracking; when a user clicks on the call extension of the advertisement (they correspond to calls from mobile) or when there is a manual dialing, which in this case is when the call tracking on the website is activated.
But even though Adwords has taken an important step forward in this area, it still has to improve in several aspects:Diversity of Numbers ; currently you can only track single number website calls , if our client has more than one, type; commercial department, after-sales department, project department,… we can only track one number when we may need to track several.The user saves the Google number ; Currently what occurs when a user enters from an Adwords campaign is to see the Google call forwarding number, instead of seeing the customer’s, this leads us to save the user as the contact number of Adwords instead of the customer’s number and in the future can be counterproductive if said customer wants to contact the company again.Hopefully Google will solve these problems and we will inform you of all the changes that occur.
If you want more information about Adwords conversion tracking and above all, you can find it Here

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