After seeing this ad, you will spend more time with your child

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After seeing this ad, you will spend more time with your child

Really impressive the video Thailand Phone Number List that you will see next called “Mums & Maid” (mothers and babysitters) created by the agency Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific.The reason this ad was created is that many times Nannies in Singapore do not have days off but instead spend 24/7 at work. So this campaign is a message for babysitter employers to give them a day off (apart from the rights that.

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correspond to them like any worker)But what is different about it?This is not just any kind of message, because in truth instead of focusing on the rights of the  gulf email list babysitter, it focuses more on the attitude that many parents take in not spending time with their children and how little they know about them.

The saddest thing about the ad is seeing how mothers fail to answer questions about their children, when babysitters can really do so with 74% certaintyWatch this video and think seriously. Are you spending time with your child or is your babysitter doing it?So remember, maybe it’s time to spend more time with your child.

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