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Agents Are A complet of unit phone numbers Trying To

Impose An Artificial Shortage On It . They Do So Mainly Through Intellectual Property Laws (Expanding Their Scope. Multiplying The Mechanisms Of Persecution And Strengthening A complet of unit phone numbers The Punishments For Their Infringement) Or, With The Complicity Of The States, Through Direct Censorship (Closing Pages Web). It Is, Therefore, A Struggle That Is Both Economic And Political. The Work Analyzes The Particularities Of This Struggle And, Especially, Its Novel Elements In Terms Of Political Action, Based On Three Cases That, A Priori, Seem Quite Different And Distant. On The One Hand , Wikileaks , The Platform For Publishing Leaks That Was Closed – Without A Court Order And With The Collaboration Of Large Companies That, In Theory, Have To Defend

Their Customers – As A Result Of The Publication Of Embassy Cables Americans. Among Other Things, Wikileaks States That We Have No Rights On The Internet And That What We Do, A complet of unit phone numbers We Do Only As Long As We Are Allowed To. Beyond The Controversial Personality Of Its Leader, Wikileaks Is A Remarkable Phenomenon For Many Reasons. First, Wikileaks Did Not Reveal True Secrets; He Simply Documented What Was Already Known. It Was Harshly Attacked, Unlike The Newspapers That Actually Published The Cables – For The Powerful The Internet Seems To Be More Dangerous Than The Mainstream Press. Unlike This Press, Wikileaks Does

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Political Line, Does Not Conform To The Traditional Parameters Of The Left And Right, And Does Not Want To Overthrow A Government To Replace It With A More Favorable One. It A complet of unit phone numbers oesn’t Even Present Itself As Anti-system – Something That Makes It Difficult To Disqualify From The Status Quo. It Simply Wants To Deepen The Freedom Of Expression And Transparency Of Governments And Large Corporations. Finally, Wikileaks Does Not Analyze Or Comment On The Information: It Offers It Raw So That Others Can Examine It And Draw Conclusions. As The Author Says, It Is An Unfinished Device That Renounces Absolute Control Of Its Product: It


Is Others Who Must Complete It By Adding Meaning To It; It Therefore Functions As An Internet Metaphor Where Intelligence Lies In The Nodes, In The Network Itself And Not In A A complet of unit phone numbers Command Center. Wikileaks Also Highlights The Value Of Anonymity In Current Policy – Remember That Wikileaks Guarantees The Anonymity Of Those Who Filter Information. But Anonymity As A Political Instrument Is Gaining Strength With Anonymous. It Is Difficult To Characterize Anonymous . It Is Not An Organization, It Has No Structure Or Leaders; Not To Have, It Doesn’t Even Have A Website. It Is A Diffuse Community Of Activists Who, Among Other Things, Campaign Or

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Protest – Including The Well-known Dos Attacksdenial Of Service – Against Racist Institutions. Which Promote Censorship On The Internet Or, For Example, Boycott Wikileaks. In Spain, For Example, They Made Themselves Visible With A Demonstration. (With Masks) During A Goya Awards Ceremony Against The Sinde-wert Law. Example Of An Innovative Form Of Political Action Characterized As Swarming. Which Consists Of The Spontaneous, Real-time Self-organization Of Many. Dispersed Individuals And Groups, Who Coordinate To Carry Out Specific Actions. The Third Phenomenon Analyzed By Padilla Is Hacktivistas , A Community Of

Politicized Hackers Who Share Resources And Organize, In An Assembly And Through The Network. Campaigns And Actions Of Resistance Under Three Fundamental A complet of unit phone numbers Principles: 1) The Construction Of A Society And A Free Culture , Open And Participatory Through Free Tools; 2) The Right To Privacy; And 3) The Desire To Experiment Freely. In Spain They Have Been Particularly Active Against The Sinde-wert Law Or In The Bankia Case. Margarita Padilla Is A Computer Engineer And Former Editor Of Mundo Linux Magazine. He Learned Gnu / Linux In Busy Social Centers And With Other Hackers, Founded Sindominio.net . He Is Currently Part

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