Aliexpress, that dropshipper you need for your customers

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Aliexpress, that dropshipper you need for your customers

Over the last few years, dropshipping with Aliexpress has received a lot of publicity, through established businesses that have shared their success stories on how this great Chinese trade helped them grow. But why should dropshipping work with Aliexpress?
In this guide you can access all the necessary information on this subject, although below Croatia Phone Number List  we will see some of the advantages of working with this great company.
Aliexpress Dropshipper
First of all, do we really know what Aliexpress is?
It’s easy to have ever heard of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, or his company Alibaba. He is considered something like the Asian version of Jeff Bezos, from Amazon.

The company was founded in 1999, and it came about because Ma couldn’t find Chinese products so easily on the Internet. This platform gives Western buyers the ability to connect with Chinese and Asian sellers, and has been a 180-degree turnaround in e-commerce globally.


The original site is Alibaba, created for wholesale purchases. Sellers typically have minimum bulk order requirements. Anyone can connect directly with a  gulf email list Chinese manufacturer to place an order, and payment is usually made via bank transfer.
Well, Aliexpress is its retail “brother”, designed for those who do not stock those products that they put on sale . This platform supports credit card payments. It would be something like Amazon, but with a lower price and a delivery time of about two weeks.
Instead of buying directly from the manufacturer, the seller is a third party who sells directly to the consumer. The improvement here is in buyer protection, and the ability to place individual orders, which makes it an ideal option for dropshipping.
They say you don’t need money to start selling with Aliexpress, is this true?

It’s true that you don’t need an investment to get started. Manufacturers mass-produce goods so they can sell them for pennies on the dollar. Products that cost next to nothing can later be sold for a much higher amount.Even so, in principle you may think that you need money to start, no matter how little. But the truth is that you do not have to buy anything until an order is received on the web. So the products are paid with the money advanced by the customers.It might also seem that the shipping costs have to be very expensive, but this is not the case either. Shipments are made through ePacket, which allows you to get these items from China for free or at a very low cost.Shipping via ePacket to the United States and other select countries takes 12-15 days. Now the packages do not have to be transported by ship, so the transport time is now faster.So how is shipping going with Aliexpress?
Dropshipping simply means that when a customer makes a purchase in a store, he orders the order from his supplier, who makes the shipment to that first. No need to have any inventory or worry about packing and shipping.To ship from Aliexpress, you must have a store or somewhere to sell the products. Once a customer makes a purchase, the order must be placed with the Aliexpress seller. The seller will ship the item, and the store will make a profit on the price difference.
When the customer receives the product, they only see the name of the intermediary. Which is why, there is no reason for you to know that it is a dropshipping business . As your store grows and scales, you will be able to bulk orders to these vendors for better rates and terms. That is why it is essential to choose the most successful suppliers from the first moment, and establish a business relationship with them.
Buyer protection, the main motivation to work with Aliexpress
There is no doubt that the main advantage of working with Aliexpress is that it provides high protection to buyers during the ordering, shipping and return process. The functions of this site have been designed so that the buyer is taken into account in each phase of the sale.
Aliexpress is interested in its sellers being legal, and that they deliver their goods as advertised. However, it is essential when choosing a seller on Aliexpress, take into account the ratings that each of them has obtained, and the number of products sold. There are many merchants who sell the same item, so it is essential to read the opinions that customers leave, and buy only from the sellers who have the best ratings

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