Amazon adds new audiences to Sponsored Display

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Amazon adds new audiences to Sponsored Display

The Amazon Advertising platform continues to evolve. After the new Amazon Attribution solution to control the global attribution of sales in Amazon including sources of traffic outside the us phone database (such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, for example), comes the incorporation of more detailed audiences in Amazon Sponsored Display . Undoubtedly, the great strength of Amazon’s advertising program is its segmentation capacity, an option that is even more reinforced with this new impulse.How does Amazon Sponsored Display advertising work?Sponsored Display is part of the Amazon Sponsored Ads platform. Thanks to a powerful inventory of placements, advertisers can reach users throughout their purchase process , both within and outside the Amazon ecosystem. The Sponsored Display program is available to Vendors on Amazon.Therefore, brands can choose to impact users based on two variables:
Products : the products they are looking for and the pages they visit on Amazon.
Audiences : the online behavior that users have on and off the Amazon platform.
The creatives that are displayed are automatically adapted to the available placements , although brands can customize the titles, description and the logo that is included. Of course, the products that are advertised in Sponsored Display also have to comply with the concept of Amazon Retail Readiness and have all the required fields optimized.

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Amazon has thousands of predefined audience segments to reach potential customers .  gulf email list  The new targeting options are based on four main groups: In-market audiences : these are users who are actively looking to buy a product belonging to a specific category. It is a very interesting segment for campaigns focused on conversion.Lifestyle : These audiences are configured based on the online behavior of users on Amazon , based on what they watch on Prime Video or the streams they consume on Twitch . All this allows the audiences to be classified into groups such as sports fans, technology fans or foodies .
Moments : the platform is able to identify important moments for users and thus define, for example, audiences that will soon go on vacation.
Interests : brands can segment the audience based on their hobbies, such as whether they like decoration or history. It is an interesting option to create brand image in groups of users who do not know it yet.
Amazon has thousands of predefined audience segments
Segmentation strategies based on the Buyer’s Journey with Sponsored Display
The inclusion of the new targeting option based on audiences allows brands to direct advertising according to the stage of the Buyer’s Journey in which users are . Some key tactics are: Branding & Product Awareness : to enhance the brand image and publicize the products (especially when there is a new launch), brands can choose to launch campaigns using the new Amazon Audiences, in combination with the remarketing options and the category segmentation.


In parallel, Amazon also improves the measurement system
Amazon has also expanded the information provided by Sponsored Display reports , so that you can extract data at the campaign and advertised product level, as well as drill down into the details related to the targeting used. This feature allows you to perform a detailed analysis of how the global strategy is working in Amazon Advertising.As a novelty, New-to-Brand (NTB) metrics have been incorporated , which offer insights about sales and orders generated, new customers acquired and the growth of the brand in the Amazon ecosystem.
Amazon has also incorporated new metrics tied to Sponsored Display audiences
Amazon Audiences, an option to consider with Amazon Prime Day 2021 just around the corner
In 2021, Amazon Advertising has positioned itself as the absolute leader in the advertising segment of large e-retailers . This year alone, eMarketer estimates that it will make 18 billion dollars in profits thanks to its advertising platform, 10 times the figure that Walmart, its main rival in the United States, will bill for advertising.
There are already many brands that are betting on ads to turn searches for products on Amazon into sales , especially during such iconic dates as Amazon Prime Day , which will be celebrated next June.

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