Amazon Advertising: How to Harness the Advertising Potential of the Leading Marketplace

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Amazon Advertising: How to Harness the Advertising Potential of the Leading Marketplace

In the new normal, the digital sales channel is already considered strategic and many brands are faced with the challenge of establishing a DTC ( Direct-to-Consumer ) model from scratch to get closer to the new habits that their customers have acquired. In this context, the environment canada mobile number  offered by Amazon and its advertising platform Amazon Advertising facilitates both the implementation of direct online sales and the diversification of digital capture channels.Amazon has already established itself as a benchmark for specific product searches very close to conversion. According to Wunderman Thompson’s The Future Shopper Report 2020 , globally, 63% of consumers choose Amazon as the first option to access specific products , followed by 48% who prefer to use search engines such as Google.The Amazon Advertising Ecosystem: Structure and OrganizationThe marketplace platform revolves around two figures: Amazon Vendors , who sell their stock to Amazon so that it sets prices and executes full logistics; and, on the other hand, the Amazon Sellers , who manage their own pricing policy and choose the logistics formula they prefer (they adhere to the Amazon program or have their own).In this way, the advertising structure is divided into three ecosystems: the Seller Central , the Advertising Console dedicated to Vendors and, finally, the Amazon DSP programmatic advertising network .

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Amazon has developed advertising options that cover the entire conversion funnel . For example, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display ads ,  gulf email list  accessible to Vendor accounts, are aimed at maximizing sales , since they allow segmenting the audience based on search keywords, product type or user interests.On the other hand, formats like Sponsored Brands with their striking placement at the top of the page have a more inspiring approach , highly relevant to the discovery and consideration phases. Also at this stage are the Amazon Stores , that is, mini-sites that Vendors can configure with the look and feel of their brand.In addition, the Amazon DSP network opens a different path and allows you to place your ads on other pages for products similar to yours. In this way, they offer an alternative directly related to the context of the search that the user is doing. It is a much more transactional display as it is placed in front of an audience that is very inclined to purchase. The Amazon Advertising digital ecosystem continues to evolve
E-retail at Labelium Group: 360º strategy management at Amazon Advertising
Despite its apparent simplicity, the Amazon Advertising platform is constantly evolving and the marketplace is constantly adding new features and ad formats . Not surprisingly, in the online advertising landscape, Amazon continues to cut positions against Google and Facebook and eMarketer forecasts indicate that its advertising revenues will grow 23.5% this 2020 in the United States.

Although Amazon facilitates the deployment of a DTC channel to brands or the introduction of their products in new markets , there are many other aspects to take into account in order to achieve sales objectives. This is where Labelium’s E-retail Management unit adds value: our vision spans all areas of Amazon Advertising work. We execute projects with an end-to-end perspective that allows us to be more strategic in the approach to advertising actions in the marketplace.BORJA PESQUERA , MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM SPAINThe advertising strategy at Amazon Advertising, as we understand it at Labelium Group , goes far beyond the simple selection of ad formats and includes:
Design of a comprehensive advertising strategy aimed at maximizing sales and evaluating all the possibilities offered by Amazon Advertising.
360º management of the Amazon Advertising account , execution of promotions and optimization of product feeds .Organic actions such as product listing optimization, brand Amazon Store setup, or crafting rich A + content in order to meet Amazon Retail Readiness recommendations .
Management of the Amazon Vine loyalty program .
Reporting and advanced analytics to monitor strategy and make data-driven optimization decisions.
If you think the time has come to take the leap, from here we invite you to our next webinar on Amazon Advertising , which will take place on Wednesday, July 8 at 11:00 a.m. (Madrid local time) .SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR HEREBorja Pesquera , Director of Labelium Spain, and Michelangelo Simonte , Sr. Partner Manager for Amazon Advertising, will discuss in depth the advertising news of Amazon and the potential that this channel has to increase online sales.

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