Amazon Attribution, the solution to measure the impact of off-platform campaigns

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Amazon Attribution, the solution to measure the impact of off-platform campaigns

During the last months, at Labelium we have been testing Amazon Attribution , the new tool that Amazon Advertising has incorporated as a beta to its platform. Right free uk phone number now, this functionality that improves the measurement of results is available for free in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In this article, we look at its reach and benefits for controlling cross-channel advertising outside of the Amazon ecosystem .What is Amazon Attribution?
Before the launch of Amazon Attribution, the attribution of advertising directed to an Amazon Store was done using tags that were added manually, almost by hand. Clicks could be measured, but the optimization options for an audience engagement strategy outside of the Amazon ecosystem were very limited .

The objective of Amazon Attribution is to provide visibility and dispel those doubts regarding the profitability that search or social media campaigns may have , since it allows: Assess the effectiveness of each channel and even each campaign outside of Amazon to calculate which ones contribute the most to getting sales. The scope of the analysis of the metrics is expanded to cover the main advertising channels such as search , social networks, display, video and email marketing.

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Adjust the reports to extract the insights that matter most to the brand : Amazon allows you to customize the data visualization and download the reports  from gulf email list the platform. It takes into account the cross-device activity of users and includes full-funnel metrics such as sales, page views or the add-to-cart ratio . This is in addition to the data for impressions, clicks, views, or email opens that each external channel records outside of Amazon.Delineate the customer journey with greater precision inside and outside Amazon and plan future marketing actions based on it to optimize the strategy for attracting audiences .
Amazon Attribution allows optimizing the audience capture campaign
How does Amazon Attribution work?
Amazon Attribution connects with the different advertising platforms through an API . After the integration, the tagging of campaigns directed to the Store or the product page on Amazon is automated so that the analysis can be done from a single place. For example, if an advertiser brand wants to measure the impact of Google Ads on conversions obtained on Amazon, the required implementation is to add a tag in Google campaigns and Amazon Attribution immediately begins to record data. This greatly facilitates the daily management and data-driven adjustment of campaigns . The channels whose integration is automated in this way are Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat , although this does not mean that others cannot be included, since there are formulas that make it possible, although it is not done in such a way. automatic. Amazon has collected this information in the API section of its portal dedicated to Amazon Attribution .

The attribution model that Amazon Attribution follows is based on the 14-day last-click methodology . Although the brand has Amazon Advertising campaigns running at the same time that it is advertising on other external platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads, the data corresponding to external channels will appear in Amazon Attribution so that the attribution does not overrate the advertising campaigns within the Amazon platform. Amazon Attribution revalues ​​Amazon Stores as a digital sales channel
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, physical stores have experienced uncertain times : to the capacity limits are added the forced closures when the health situation worsens. Therefore, many brands are opting for the digital channel as a direct sales channel that allows them to reach their end customers .
Some decide to develop their own e-commerce platform and readjust their logistics operations to adapt to the new channel. However, another plausible and quick option is the alliance with Amazon . The main associated advantages are the ease of setting up a Store, the location in a highly transactional environment known to the consumer , and the use of an excellent logistics service. Now, we add Amazon Attribution to this list.Amazon Attribution removes a major limitation to the marketing strategy around the Amazon store . The range is opened to achieve higher sales, since brands have a tool that allows them to check whether external advertising is working or not and, based on this data, adjust it to get the most out of it.
Whether you are thinking of creating an Amazon Store or if you already have one, but want to boost sales, count on us. At Labelium we have a team specialized in managing advertising campaigns on Amazon . We can help you implement Amazon Attribution and thus optimize the rest of the channels that participate in capturing traffic for the Amazon Store. You can contact us here .

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