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has become, in its own right, one of the largest online sales platforms on the planet.  free german mobile number And not only because of its extraordinarily wide catalog but because of all the facilities it offers to third parties to sell their own products.However, when we talk about selling, in this case our own products, we must take into account a series of aspects that can be decisive when increasing conversions KEY ASPECTS TO INCREASE THE SALES OF YOUR PRODUCTS ON AMAZON
Surely each company or company has its own needs. However, there are a number of guidelines that should be followed if you want to have a firm foundation.A GOOD PRODUCT LISTING ON AMAZON IS VITALIn order to make a simile easy to understand, we can say that the Amazon search engine is something similar to Google . The algorithm of this takes into account a series of aspects of the product sheets that allow it to analyze which are the most relevant.
Hence the importance of good design . A design that has to place a lot of emphasis on the following aspects.

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The title should be short but descriptive.
The description should be as complete as possible (price, sizes, models, availability, etc.). gulf email list Any information that we consider of interest such as opinions of the media or similar should be included. INCLUDES QUALITY MULTIMEDIA ELEMENTS
Quality multimedia elements have been shown to encourage potential customers to complete the purchase . Among these elements we can highlight the videos and photographs. In both cases they must be elements that visually behave in an excellent way.Keep in mind that this type of support can offer information that can be very tedious through text.ENCOURAGE INTERACTION WITH THE BUYER
For some time now, many digital marketing consultants have studied the influence that buyers’ opinions have on other people who want to make the same purchase.
In fact, forums as well as reviews and opinions on social networks are widely consulted before making a decision. This leads us to think that if the buyers of your products leave their opinion on the platform itself, a higher conversion rate will be obtained.This can be achieved with a final message within the product card itself in which the buyer is encouraged to leave their opinion, reviews or their stars. A small gesture that can mean differentiating ourselves from the competition in the short and medium term.Amazon. Medialcick ArticleLEAN ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE
Amazon currently provides us with everything we need to generate sales. However, it never hurts to have additional support such as your own website .

In it, you may have the opportunity to offer information and data that you cannot in the Amazon marketplace itself. Plus, it can even be a good place to re-emphasize user feedback.
And all this with the added advantage that on your website you will be able to do a parallel positioning job . This work will allow you to place yourself in the first places of the SERPs and be able to transfer a large amount of traffic to your products on Amazon.
You might think that the investment may be zero or minimal. To some extent this is true. Without a doubt. However, especially during the first months , a period of time in which our product is not yet correctly positioned , you can always resort to a certain investment in advertising.
Currently there are platforms such as Google AdWords , or any of the main current social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube , in which interesting results can be obtained. It is true that you have to make a financial outlay but in the vast majority of cases it is necessary to publicize your product.
Some concepts that have been seen that can be implemented progressively. In fact, in some cases it may not be necessary to implement all of them. That will always depend on the product we have in hand and the deadlines that we have set in terms of sales volume and profits.

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