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The concept of A mazon and supermarkets is very simple. Amazon Prime Now is a variant of the largest online store in the world that aims to provide its customers with products from the supermarket within a very short period of time.So much so that one of the commitments reached with customers is to be able to buy fresh products. Some products that are received in a short period of time, ready for consumption.
At first there was a tendency to think that it would be a system with little acceptance, but the opposite is being done. There are currently four large Spanish cities that have joined this online commerce modality:
Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and now Seville allow Amazon customers to receive products from their trusted supermarket. A delivery network that not only promises to deliver in terms of quality but also in terms of time.
The last city that has been incorporated into this system between Amazon and the supermarkets has been Seville. Amazon has reached an agreement with the well-known Día supermarkets. The commitment that has been acquired with this network of supermarkets is very clear.
Provide service to the Andalusian capital and part of its metropolitan area.
Allow Amazon Prime Now customers to request fresh products such as fruit or vegetables.
Likewise, other products such as refrigerated and frozen products may also be requested.
Even the realm of cosmetics is covered by Amazon Prime Now.

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If Amazon has been characterized by something over time, it has been because of its great capacity to adapt to customer needs. And with the new network of supermarkets it was not going to be an exception. gulf email list Therefore, customers who make their purchases online will be able to request them in the time slot that suits them best. Some time slots that have a margin of two hours and that can be done from 10 in the morning until 22 at night. In addition, Amazon has added the possibility of saving shipping costs from 40 euros.
This alliance between Amazon and supermarkets is currently providing a huge benefit to all three parties involved.
On the one hand, obviously, we have Amazon. And it is that the great giant of online sales is not only going to have a greater presence but is also continuing to enter sectors in which not long ago it had no kind of presence. A reality that will allow you to greatly diversify your benefits. During the confinement, it has offered an alternative to those people who for one reason or another have not been able to go out to make their usual purchases. A great business opportunity for Amazon.
On the other hand we have the Día supermarkets. Some supermarkets that will now be able to have anothervery clear sales line with a reliable partner in every way. Without doing a particularly deep analysis, it can be concluded that Día supermarkets have managed to attract a large number of customers in the blink of an eye. And all this without the need for them to go to physical stores.
Last are the customers. These are going to be the most benefited by now having a service that can come in handy, especially to a very specific sector of the population, and that allows them, among other things, to have two large companies within their respective sectors. A way to have access to quality food within very good time frames and at really competitive prices.

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