Amazon Prime Day 2020 is here: how to prepare

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is here: how to prepare

The strategy to attract sales on Amazon Prime Day 2020
Amazon Advertising enables brands to expand the reach of their products in a highly transactional environment and stand out from the competition. We point out three important steps in preparing for Amazon Prime Day: Set the criteria for selecting promotional products united kingdom cell phone number The selection of the products that will be on sale is key to the success of the Amazon Prime Day campaign. As criteria, Amazon recommends using the best-selling products or those with higher levels of stock given the huge expected sales volume. It is also interesting to consider current shopping trends (Google can help in this regard with its Retail Rising Categories tool ) and also the experience in previous Christmas or Amazon Prime Day campaigns .. Define a bidding strategy on Amazon Prime Day
When proposing promotions, the advertiser can select the week in which they want their ads to appear on the Amazon Prime Day offer pages , although it is the Amazon Advertising advertising platform systems that decide the schedule. On the other hand, brands can also support their strategy with coupons : these are indicated with an icon next to the price of the product and the discount is applied at the time of purchase when the user has clicked on the coupon.

Distribute budgets and prepare the ecosystem of your brand on Amazon
According to data from Amazon, the number of clicks that ads received during Amazon Prime Day in 2019 increased by 48% compared to a normal week. These are days with high levels of traffic , so it is advisable to reserve a significant part of the campaign budget to invest during the event. Of course, to achieve a greater impact, the preparations must include a set-up of the brand’s Store on Amazon , as well as the rest of the aspects that are included under the concept of Amazon Retail Readiness .
Good Amazon Advertising Practices for Amazon Prime Day
In order to maximize results during Amazon Prime Day, there are two types of recommended campaigns: Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display . We collect some good practices and tips to implement them with guarantees of success These ads appear in search results with the brand logo, a custom title, and a collection of featured products. How to make the most of its potential? With these three tips:

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Use Sponsored Brands ad editing capabilities – A / B testing allows you to optimize ad performance. Texts can be modified without interrupting the campaign. In this way, you can include direct references to the offer  gulf email list  available during Amazon Prime Day and, once finished, adapt the ads again without having to mount a new campaign.Take advantage of the new Store Spotlight format to gain visibility : with Sponsored Brands Ads it is possible to enhance the brand’s own store on Amazon by bringing direct traffic to different subpages of your Store so that, from there, the user can consult all the offers available. It’s a unique feature of this new ad format and it’s the main difference from the usual Sponsored Brands carousel, which is more focused on highlighting individual products.Users who access the Amazon Prime Day 2020 offers have free fast shippingSponsored Display Ads:These types of ads show the products on sale and appear both within the Amazon platform and in other Amazon Pages. Advertiser brands can segment the audience they are targeting based on: products , product categories or the interest the user has shown in the products.

With this type of campaign, it is possible to reach audiences related to the products (prospecting) or to re- impact with advertising the users who have already had contact with the brand to boost their advancement in the customer’s journey during the days of Amazon Prime Day 2020.
Amazon Prime Day 2020, the first promotional milestone of the quarter
The countdown has already started and the days chosen for Amazon Prime Day may raise some questions for retailers , especially due to its proximity to Black Friday 2020 . Will users take advantage of Amazon Prime Day for their Christmas purchases or will they rather wait for Cyber ​​Week? The truth is that the anticipation of the search for products online is one of the trends that will mark the marketing calendar this atypical year and, therefore, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be an excellent starting point to boost sales.

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