Amazon seeks to change the user experience with Amazon Posts, the format that unites branding and sales

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Amazon seeks to change the user experience with Amazon Posts, the format that unites branding and sales

Amazon Posts is one more example of the boost that the marketplace is giving to its advertising platform. While features such as editing Sponsored Brands ads or updating new types of ads are improvements related to its more transactional formats, Amazon Posts breaks the mold, uk cell phone number directory since it proposes a different approach to the marketplace audience, more focused on awareness. and the search for inspiration . Amazon Posts is available in beta for accounts in the United States and is a free feature for brands registered as Vendor on Amazon . We analyze below the characteristics of this format and what opportunities it offers to advertisers.The conception of Amazon Posts seeks to apply the principle of shopping feed that is so successful in social networks . Through these publications, Amazon presents new brands and products related to the user’s interests without the user looking for them specifically . We solve some of the questions that revolve around this special format Location of Amazon Posts on the platform
Where do users see these posts on the crowded Amazon platform? Users can find Amazon Posts on the brand’s own page, but they also appear as a suggestion on other related product pages, in feeds for the relevant product category, or as part of carousels. Amazon itself classifies them automatically , without the brand being able to choose the location.The following Amazon image shows these locations graphically:Unlike the rest of the ad formats, the editorial requirements of Amazon Posts are minimal : brands have the freedom to alter the image, the caption of the photo, the descriptive texts … In addition, they can be edited at any time. Of course, if the product is out of stock, Amazon will never publish the post.With this type of publication, it is intended to attract the attention of the user and click to reach the specific product. Therefore, the attractiveness of the content is key and the platform recommends that brands be creative and careful in their preparation .The user experience with Amazon Posts varies compared to other types of feeds such as those they can see on Instagram or Facebook. Amazon does not allow commenting on posts, giving likes or reacting with emojis or recommending them: it is not such a social experience in this sense.
The KPIs linked to Amazon Posts are also far from the most transactional metrics. Being a format focused on discovering new brands and products for the user, advertisers can access information on impressions, clicks and CTR for each publication .

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Get more visibility for free, even in the environment of the competition. Posts gulf email list  appear in locations related to similar products, thus expanding the scope and number of places where they appear on the platform.
Develop your creativity with greater freedom in a highly transactional context : the requirements are not as strict as in the product pages, so brands can use Amazon Posts to gauge the reaction of users to different images or texts. Of course, although it is possible to take advantage of materials already designed for social networks, a minimum adaptation of the content to the characteristics of the audience on Amazon will always be necessary, which is much more inclined to purchase. Amazon Posts and the user experience on AmazonThe challenge posed by Amazon Posts is related to the behavior of users in the marketplace. This is not the first attempt to change the user and shopping experience on the platform : already in 2017 it tested Amazon Spark, which encouraged Prime subscribers to post in a style similar to that prevailing on Instagram. However, two years later, Amazon decided to close this feed due to low effective engagement .With Amazon Posts, the focus has been reversed and instead of encouraging users to create content, it entrusts this task to brands. Therefore, advertisers will have to choose where this format would occupy in their digital strategy to decide, for example, how much time is spent preparing content, whether Amazon is added to the mix of social channels as one more medium or whether, in Instead, it is reserved for specific moments such as the launch of new products.

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