Apparently the Netflix algorithm knows you better than yourself

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Apparently the Netflix algorithm knows you better than yourself

The video-on-demand company, Netflix , had revenues of more than 186 million 680 thousand dollars during 2016 , and pointed out that for this summer and winter it would have dozens of premieres around the world ready, from House of Cards to local series. Something that has always attracted attention is the algorithm that Netflix uses to define user tastes based Lebanon Mobile Number List on the content they watch. The interesting thing about the tool is that it can jump between genres in a messy way, from series, movies to documentaries. For the former Google data scientist, Seth Sthepens-Davidowitz , said that Netflix’s big data tool feeds on information from people’s searches on Google and Netflix, which is why the OTT company creates “personalities” of people that would later be your customer, if not already are. Lebanon Mobile Number List

Sthepens presented a big data book called “Everybody Lies” , where he concludes that the Netflix algorithm “does not exaggerate at all” when presenting options for the user to consume content. Before the algorithm, Netflix allowed its users to create a list of movies they wanted to Brother Cell Phone List see in the Future, however, it did not work because when it reminded users days later, they apparently did see them. Sthepens’s thesis is that the visual tastes of Netflix users “are predictable”, so instead of programming them , Netflix remembers them permanently, so visitors visited the application more often.

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