Applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

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Applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence has gained prominence in the field of digital marketing mainly due to three reasons: the explosion of information and data sources, the increase in the capacity of software to deal with them, and the creation of increasingly complex and advanced algorithms. How is AI affecting online chinese mobile number strategy? What are its main applications today? Facilitate greater personalization of the user experience
Artificial intelligence is changing the interaction between the brand and users, although the application of this type of technology depends a lot on the nature of the web and the type of business. For example, in the case of e-commerce , massive data processing with AI allows analyzing the user’s browsing or purchase history in order to show dynamic content, offer recommendations for products related to those they have visited, personalized promotions and even advanced search suggestions. However, in the case of brands that have a powerful content marketing strategy (very common in B2B environments), artificial intelligence algorithms adapt the suggestions of related posts based on the customer journey on the web. It also facilitates the analysis of lead data in order to classify them and determine based on which variables to measure their quality ( lead scoring ). Be able to capture organic and paid traffic more efficiently and profitablyGoogle is already modeling its algorithms with artificial intelligence to adjust the results it offers to the search intention that the user is showing when they make a query. Faced with the ambiguity of searches, the RankBrain algorithm limits the possibilities with differen

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t types of content and tests user behavior by identifying patterns .When planning the on-page SEO positioning strategy and content creation, you don’t have to think only in terms of isolated keywords, but you have to take many more factors into account, such as the impact of searches by voice or user-centric copywriting techniques.
On the other hand, the application of artificial intelligence tools as part of the paid strategy is the order of the day. Thanks to machine learning, software learns without the need to program it with rigid rules. AI applied to gulf email list advertising campaign management allows: Optimize advertising actions from a global perspective : algorithms based on data carry out tests of multiple variants and interactions to determine which strategy is more effective and to bet on it. Segment audiences with minimal margin of error : AI tools are able to estimate which type of user is most likely to convert based on the different interactions of those who have already converted. In this way, it is possible to reach new audiences related to the brand and execute a dynamic and highly effective targeting .
Google has incorporated artificial intelligence into its algorithms
3. Process a massive volume of data to filter and analyze
Using data effectively to segment and reach audiences is the top priority for more than half of digital marketers according to Econsultancy’s 2019 Digital Trends report . In this sense, the application of AI for advanced analytics tasks allows integrating data from different channels in order to achieve greater visibility of the target KPIs. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is able to group and process data of a wide variety of types from different platforms to draw conclusions and apply a data-driven decision-making approach.

However, data consolidation can prove to be hard work, as companies use different systems that typically function as isolated silos. For example, transactional information may be in the hands of the CRM or ERP, while information about user behavior is contained in the CRM or also in Google Analytics, in Social Media platforms and even in the e-tracking system. -commerce.
A collection of data without context, without a defined purpose, is worthless. Artificial intelligence tools help to deepen data processing, but we cannot overlook the role of the analyst in the entire process: who chooses which KPI to monitor and based on what criteria? Who knows which algorithm you need in each case?ALEX MASIP , HEAD OF DATA AT LABELIUM
The potential of artificial intelligence, a field to explore
Despite the fact that companies are investing more and more in the development of technologies with artificial intelligence, only a third consider that they apply a data-driven methodology in their usual way of working. This is shown by the 2019 survey on Big Data and AI by the American consultancy New Vantage Partners . In any case, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence involves identifying the questions we want to answer: having all the data does not mean that you should use all of it.

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