Apply the revolutionary Inbound marketing to add new clients and recover the lost ones!

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Apply the revolutionary Inbound marketing to add new clients and recover the lost ones!

Recent studies show that 8 out of 10 people use at least one social network (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin), which means that there is an immense commercial niche that you can take advantage of to exponentially boost your sales; The simplest, fastest and cheapest way to conquer these netizens is using Inbound Marketing, the most modern and efficient advertising approach available today.
How to do it with a good inbound famous people’s cell phone numbers strategy? Simple, applying these four steps:
1) Get attentionFreddie Mercury, founder and leader of the iconic English band Queen, understood this concept better than anyone when he said: “more important than making a good album is knowing how to sell it”.The same happens with your business: you must attract customers to buy the products and services you sell, for that reason, it is essential to generate valuable content on the Internet that allows you to create a personal and close relationship with each netizen who visits you.
If you market computers, it offers free advice on which new models have come on the market and what are the advantages of each one, using everyday situations so that everyone clearly understands what you are talking about.
For example, you can say: “This computer is excellent for programming while this model allows faster navigation and its image quality is ideal for lovers of

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2) Get the information you need
After increasing the number of visits to your website, you must seduce them into giving  gulf email list you personal information that you will then use to build a database; To achieve this, make sure to place, in easily identifiable places, forms where people can leave their name, email, address, telephone, etc.
The easiest way to streamline this process (and avoid suspicions) is to offer something in return, such as discounts, promotions, or special rewards.
3) Make them your customers
This is the most important step: making the people who left you their data become consumers of the products or services you sell.
How to do it? Simple: with an email campaign (also known as email marketing) in which, using the information obtained, you will send each contact messages in order to convince them of the advantages of buying from you and not from the competition.
The process is simple: if he is a teenager he visited your portal and asked for computers, that is the information you must send him, with details of the models that you will receive and the discounts he can get for buying on this or that date; If you are a woman who loves books, the best thing to do is to send you monthly news with news about novels or essays that have been released, etc.
Fundamental: remember that emails should be as short as possible, with an agile pace, which allows them to be read quickly, generating curiosity and interest. Always include your phone number, email and a link to your website at the end. Don’t forget about them after closing a deal!
Inbound Marketing does not end when the visitor becomes a regular customer because that would mean losing an immense opportunity to generate new business.
Remember: a happy customer is the best possible publicity for your business, for that reason, make sure to spread every good opinion that buyers leave about you, sharing their thanks and comments on social networks 🙂

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