Are Bolivian companies motivating their workers? This report reveals many things

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Are Bolivian companies motivating their workers? This report reveals many things

Motivation is one of the great resources that human beings have when it comes to achieving their goals. Moreover, I dare to say that one of the great elements  Namibia Phone Number List that differentiates a successful person from one who is not, is their ability to motivate themselves.
Some time ago Hispanic Synergy Group, a company of which I am a part as Senior Consultant, carried out an investigation on the degree of motivation of people in Bolivia. A revealing document that shows us if Bolivian companies are motivating their workers.
And it is very simple. Not everyone learns how to be motivated in life, but if a company doesn’t help motivate its workers, it may actually have a high rate of unmotivated workers that translates into low levels of performance.Below I will show some more than interesting results and at the end of the article you will be able to see the report in Powerpoint format (and even download it)Let’s see what the questions were asked of the people in the survey. – Do you consider yourself a motivated person in life?

Astoundingly 78% of those surveyed said they felt (in life) a motivated person. In short, the first factor is that outside of work, people feel good. – Do you consider yourself a motivated person at work?
Bolivian companies are motivating their workers
This is where it comes to the fore if Bolivian companies are motivating their workers. In the survey it is possible to see that 87% of the people do not consider themselves motivated in relation to their work.

Something quite dangerous for companies since low motivation at work translates to poor performance. What factors do you think negatively affect your work motivation?
Although there are many factors, it is particularly worth highlighting 2 factors that largely stood out from the rest. Factors that Bolivian companies must begin to consider in order to improve the relationship with their workers and at the same time their motivation.


– What factors do you think affect your personal motivation?
Having seen what is  gulf email list demotivating within work, it is important to know what happens outside of it. Here are only 3 factors that stand out from the rest and are interesting to understand what happens beyond the office.As can be seen, outside the work environment, people have other factors that demotivate them.
When I talk about motivation, I always like to clarify these scenarios because many times companies do not understand that workers outside the office have a life and factors that demotivate them. If apart we add a job demotivation, we create an explosive mix that the only thing that will achieve is the low performance of people in their positions or functions.5 – How much has your life changed in the last 10 years?
It is striking to see how 62% of people feel that their life has not changed anything in the last 10 years, however this detail reaffirms the previous points.
I particularly believe that this question is vital, given that a person who feels that during the last 10 years he has not made much progress in his life, it is obvious that he feels a degree of demotivation to a greater or lesser extent.

6 – About happiness
There is not much to say here, except that 69% of people consider themselves “normal” on a happiness scale.7 – Do you have any idea of ​​a way or technique to motivate yourself?
This has been one of the questions that most caught my attention. Especially since I thought the number of negative responses would be less.
Bolivian companies are motivating their workers 3
In conclusion, 90% of those surveyed do not know any technique or way to motivate themselves. Something that is extremely dangerous in terms of job performance.
I believe that this point is a yellow alert for companies in Bolivia that is telling them that they must help their workers to be motivated through techniques or tools in order to be better with themselves.
8 – Would you like to know how to motivate yourself personally and professionally?
The article is called: Are companies in Bolivia motivating their workers? and the following image is the clear answers to this question.
Bolivian companies are motivating their workers 4
98% of the respondents mentioned that they would like to learn and develop these skills.

A clear message to Bolivian companies to keep in mind when providing training, tools and even a company culture to their workers.
Undoubtedly today a successful company is one that manages to have workers at their highest level of performance. Performance that is influenced to some extent by the degree of personal and work motivation of people.
9 – Whose responsibility do you think it is to motivate people?
The following graphic is quite revealing and confirms the subject of this article. Without a doubt, Bolivian companies should be more concerned about motivating their staff, since it is what they are waiting for.
Bolivian companies are motivating their workers 5
In summary, 35% of those surveyed say that the responsibility lies with the Company and oneself, and 33% with oneself.
10 – How do you think it will be for you next year?
Continuing with the revealing data, it is interesting to see that 75% of the people who were surveyed say they will do the same next year.
This type of response itself shows different levels of demotivation in people, levels that could change if Bolivian companies begin to see different ways of motivating workers, so that their perception changes based on how they feel.
11 – Do you feel that in 2014 your goals or dreams made any progress?
Just 80% of the people said no. Another interesting detail to take into account.
The feeling of not moving forward is quite dangerous in a person’s life, since it reflects a low level of motivation.
Seen in another way, it is like going to the gym for 12 months and feeling that one does not lose a single kilo.

There is a worrying frustration gap in the people surveyed.
Frustration has a work and personal component.
There is a lack of knowledge about what to do about it.
People believe that the company should collaborate in reducing or ending work and personal demotivation.
The people surveyed do not see a better year.
This demotivation is highly likely to affect people’s job performance or productivity.
In summary and answering the question about whether Bolivian companies are motivating workers, the answer is: to a very low extent.
As a consultant, I must recognize that out of every 10 training that he requests, between 1 or 2 have to do with staff motivation.
Many times companies worry about teaching workers or training them to be more productive, but they forget that this element is strongly linked to personal motivation. Motivation that when it is at a very low level, translates into the same results as always.

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