Are young people really more loyal to brands?

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Are young people really more loyal to brands?

Companies consider that young people are not loyal to brands. Instead, they are showing that they are increasingly loyal to those services and products that really deserve their trust.This is reflected in the study by Adroit Digital, which indicates that 64% of consumers between 18 and 33 years old showed greater loyalty to brands than previous generations, sms marketing jordan such as their parents.
Among the conclusions of the survey, it stands out that 60% of young people recognize the influence of social networks in their purchase decisions. 78% of consumers affirm that social networks recognize that they take into account the social activity of brands when buying. 40% of social media users have purchased a product after interacting with it on social media. For this reason, users follow the brands, waiting to stay informed about the activities of the company (40%), learn about new products and services (50%), promotions, especially on Facebook (48%) and keep in touch with the brand (25%).Likewise, these young people also take into account the communication of these brands in traditional media. 7 out of 10 admitted that the information received through television conditions them when choosing one brand or another.


The fact that they are faithful to the brands does not imply that they follow their indications to heart, nor that they have blind faith in them. What’s more, their loyalty is based on criteria different from those traditionally applied by  gulf email list their predecessors. Criteria based on the degree of satisfaction with the brand and its services. Such is the case that 52% consider that brands must take care of the image they transmit to their customers, if they really want to get their favor. 47% would stop having those brands if they considered that the quality of service and customer experience has decreased.
73% of customers mainly value that the brand provides them with quality customer service. In fact, 70% of shopping experiences are based on how the customer feels, as a result of contact with the company. A negative experience is also the main trigger in the termination of the relationship with a brand. No less than 89% of customers have stopped hiring the services of a company as a result of a bad experience in customer service. Faced with this scenario, brands have to worry about guaranteeing a quality customer experience, in such a way that this is the center of the strategy.

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