Audio ads, the evolution of an advertising format that does not stop growing

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Audio ads, the evolution of an advertising format that does not stop growing

The online audio is living a golden age after a brilliant 2020 in terms of audience and advertising opportunities . The latest trend with the conversational and ephemeral format of Clubhouse is added to live radio or on demand, podcasts, music, audiobooks and the content of aggregators such as iVoox, uk mobile number list SoundCloud or Google Podcast. The digital audio ecosystem increasingly presents more opportunities for brands that bet on audio ads to reach a hyper-connected and highly dynamic type of consumer.
The recent evolution of digital audio content Digital audio was very popular during lockdown last spring. It is a format that has very loyal users . According to the IAB Annual Online Audio Study , 70% of users who listen to online audio content do so on a daily basis . In addition, 80% of listeners prefer listening to delayed programs, although it is a trend that coexists with streaming radio.
Podcasts make up one of the formats that has grown the most in listeners and in production . Only in Spotify the creation of new podcasts soared 69% in 2020 compared to 2019. At the same time, it is a very versatile tool for brands, either as a piece of your own content or as an advertising placement. According to eMarketer , the number of podcast listeners in the United States will grow by 16% and the advertising investment linked to them, by 10.4% .

In addition, due to the strength of the audio format, Google is already studying formulas to be able to index this type of content and eliminate the barriers that users who search for podcasts or audio programs by topic face . At the moment, the project is focused on news publishers, but when they get the technology polished, it will be openly available. The first hurdle Google faces is finding algorithms equipped with machine learning that automatically and accurately transcribe audio content.

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The consumption of podcasts  gulf email list  is gaining popularity and thus increases the attractiveness of these formats to play audio ads Audio ads as part of the digital marketing strategy
There are two ways to advertise audio: through the direct purchase of space or program sponsorships or by accessing the inventory of content available in programmatic advertising . The big difference between the two routes is that the latter is executed in an automated way with a real-time audience auction model.Next, we highlight three relevant aspects that reflect the evolution that audio ads are experiencing:. Audio ad metrics are increasingly standardized
One of the main obstacles to launching audio ad campaigns is precisely the difficulties associated with measuring this type of ad . However, the industry is moving very fast and industry giants such as Google or Spotify are already standardizing the metrics of audio ads in order to better assess their effectiveness .The inventory available to make audio ads grows without stopping
Until recently, the inventory available to invest in audio ads was highly fragmented, which made campaign management and reporting difficult. Today, Google has beefed up its network of digital audio placements in programmatic advertising to facilitate the entry of new advertisers.

At the same time, Spotify is undergoing an accelerated expansion and already has an inventory of 2.2 million podcasts globally , which adds to its entire music catalog. The new Spotify Audience Network that has just been born in the United States seeks to be a meeting point between podcasters and advertisers . In this way, Spotify Ad Studio increases the segmentation possibilities available to brands and allows them to reach a wider number of users.Digital audio consumption is combined with other activities
3. YouTube is considering launching its own audio ads
In 2020, 57 of the 100 most popular searches on YouTube were related to music . Not surprising, considering that YouTube is full of video clips, concert recordings and even live events , and that users also flock to this social network to escape with audio content while doing other things.
For all this, YouTube has launched a new audio ads functionality that is in beta at the moment . This type of ad is characterized because the weight of the message is placed on the sound, while the image remains static or shows a simple animation. They have the same segmentation options for established formats as TrueView for Action .Users value audio ads positivelyIn general, audio ads are perceived positively by listeners. According to the aforementioned IAB study, more than half of those surveyed said they took this advertising into account when making purchasing decisions .
If you want to know the possibilities that audio ads offer you, at Labelium Play we can help you . Contact us and our team specialized in the connected audio, video and television ecosystem will study the suitability of this type of advertising as part of your digital marketing strategy.

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