B2B marketing in the face of a digital present

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B2B marketing in the face of a digital present

The impact of COVID-19 on B2B sales processes
Taking into account that the customer journey takes place in the client’s work context, the vast majority of B2B sales processes are very thoughtful and can be  residential phone numbers england prolonged over time. In addition, typically, there is more than one customer profile participating in decision-making , which adds complexity to a process in which online assets have become essential.According to The B2B Future Shopper Report 2020 by Wunderman Thompson , the starting point of the B2B customer journey begins with the suppliers’ websites and online catalogs (36%), followed by Google searches (21%) and Interestingly, Amazon comes on the podium too (18%). The presence of Amazon may draw attention, but it is understandable not only because many manufacturers have started to operate with D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) models using the leading Marketplace as an online sales platform, but also because of its relevance when it comes to offer product information and reviews .

Therefore, devoid of face-to-face meeting points and physical contact, B2B clients have turned to the digital field to research and search for new suppliers . Remote online customer service has become central to B2B sales processesHow to adapt B2B marketing to the new normal?
As a roadmap, we can cite the following recommendations:. Take care of and enhance self-service options such as the web or app The starting point of the purchase is online, so the tools that brands make available to the future customer must be up to par. The review should focus on key aspects such as:

Correction of technical and indexing errors to improve the possibilities of positioning in the specific niche and, at the same time, achieve an optimal user experience. At this point, an SEO audit is more than necessary.In-depth review of the content applying a user centric approach : the web or app should facilitate the comparison of options and the search for information for those less complex purchases and, even in long B2B sales processes, the content has to be useful for the customer who is starting their customer journey .. Gain digital visibility thanks to social networks
How to remind the client that you are still there even if you don’t see your faces? Social networks allow the creation of digital communities to promote interaction between users-brand, something for which LinkedIn stands out in the case of B2B businesses.Social profiles should not be used only to show new product launches and promote to get new leads , but they are the perfect setting to share experiences , generate discussion forums (often in the form of a webinar), encourage the creation of UGC ( User Generated Content ) and to publish news and trends that affect the specific sector to gain notoriety in it.. Reinforce the strategy with data measurementAdapting to the new normal means, without a doubt, launching new initiatives that alleviate the scarcity of offline marketing options. Therefore, when entering new exploration terrain, it is essential to measure each step . In this sense, advanced attribution models also apply to businesses focused on capturing leads (not just sales) . In this way, it is possible to compare the results obtained between digital campaigns and events that previously took place in person and, within the digital sphere, to clarify which initiatives are having the most success and which audience groups are being more receptive.

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Digitization, an inevitable destination for B2B marketing
Despite the obvious differences between the purchasing processes, the B2B customer is gulf email list  also a B2C consumer in his spare time . It would be naive to think that the technological acceleration that the e-commerce world has experienced since the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic spread has not influenced business-to-business sales.Why accept a web that is inaccessible, slow and endowed with indecipherable content when marketplaces such as Amazon and many other e-commerce offer fluid processes, without obstacles and with a customer service available online? The B2B buyer may end up losing patience with B2B brands that don’t jump on the digitization bandwagon . You still have time to avoid it: we invite you to contact us on the button below so that one of our specialists can help you in this field of digital marketing.

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