B2B Marketing on LinkedIn: Is It Worth Betting On?

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B2B Marketing on LinkedIn: Is It Worth Betting On?

Whether you have a small or large business, there is a very good opportunity to expand your reach and further promote your products to a wider audience.Can LinkedIn help your B2B marketing?
With an approximate of 575 million users, of which 260 million are active. LinkedIn is the social network where relationships between professionals and businesses occur with excellent results. According to a study by Statista, LinkedIn has quickly grown as one of the most used social networks by B2B us mobile no example with its most direct rival being Facebook. In this sense, LinkedIn has some very interesting statistics related to B2B marketing, such as knowing that 80% of potential customers on B2B social networks come from said social network . Also, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their primary platform to distribute their content. Finally, there is 44% of relevant content related to B2B that comes directly from the platform.On the other hand, not only LinkedIn is used to generate potential followers. Many companies choose to improve traffic to their website. How do they do that? Mainly because they focus on making content that is incredible, as well as interesting. A content that will definitely sting the user to enter your platform to know more about the services or products you offer.
Recently, LinkedIn presented improvements to its platform to give more prominence to influencers, who have already been working with other social networks such as FB or Instagram for a long time, achieving exponential growth and a good community of followers.
The new feature that LinkedIn introduced is to allow its users to identify and learn from the top influencers in the industry. With this option, you will be able to identify the most influential people in each sector.

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The intention of LinkedIn is that you capture the attention of the influencer. To do this, you  gulf email list  can share your articles in groups and thus generate a good reputation within the social network.
What B2B Marketing Strategies Can LinkedIn Do?
If you are already on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that the audience on the platform is very different from what you find on other well-known social networks. On LinkedIn you will find much more mature people who are looking for content that is not irrelevant.
This means that you cannot use the same marketing strategies that you have applied on Facebook or Instagram . LinkedIn is not in vain considered a professional networking platform, so you must develop a new plan. To do this, we will show you the B2B marketing strategies that will guarantee you the best results on LinkedIn:

It is not enough that on your page you only talk about the services you offer. People on LinkedIn want to know more about you and the work culture in which you operate.Like Facebook Business, the pages within LinkedIn are focused so that users when visiting you, begin to follow you and later be aware of the publications you make, such as: jobs, updates of your company or presentation of your work with real clients, among others. To start with a company page. You just have to log into your LinkedIn account and then create the page by following this link . For B2B marketing, your target audience will need to find things informative and useful. Thus, you will gain many clients.Live broadcasts have allowed many companies to have more direct contact with their clients, as well as to develop events where they will be able to attract new people to become potential clients.LinkedIn follows this trend and presented “LinkedIn Live”, which can be done directly from your profile or company page. Thanks to these transmissions, you will be able to organize a meeting with an important person in your field to discuss relevant topics and thus your followers recognize your company as a specialist in its sector.Within the platform you can share a variety of content both on your profile and on your company page. From images, videos, text publications and even pdfs. However, among such a variety of things that you can share. The two most relevant elements for the public are videos and documents . Both are the best ways to present ideal content for B2B lead generation. Why is this happening? Everything is attributed to the fact that, thanks to the videos and documents, you can present in a much more interactive way how your company develops, greatly improving the credibility and trust of your customers.In B2B marketing, you need influencers but not based on the number of followers you have on your profile. These people must be clear about the basic elements of digital marketing. That is why influencers must come from your own organization. It is precisely the employees of your company who are able to talk about company achievements, services, technology and even customer success stories.

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