Benefits of ecommerce and click to call for the growth of your business

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Benefits of ecommerce and click to call for the growth of your business

Today we see how social networks are taking over more and more of the new market strategies. Most of the companies use new systems and networks as a way and / or commercial platform to generate links between companies and customers. This practice is very common and we can call it electronic commerce or ecommerce.
In case it is still not clear to you what ecommerce is, or you do not have many notions about this concept, we can define it as follows:
It could be said that this process or tool that companies use helps to improve the distribution of products in an increasingly interactive digital market that seeks lower-cost products and thus have greater convenience in purchasing products, since it would not than going to a physical store.
Ecommerce is not a simple process. You need a follow-up from the pre-sale, through Guatemala Phone Number List and advertising, to the final purchase process where a customer database is built. This allows us to design the KPI’s and work on the ROI per action, per campaign and per strategy.
Ecommerce insights
Electronic Commerce , courtesy of ShutterStock
Within ecommerce we can talk about several perspectives:
The perspective of service and communication , where you have a contact with the customer, there is an exchange of products and also a payment through different virtual or telephone means.
The business perspective , where the penetration and insertion of technology and electronic commerce manages to advance in the commercialization processes of the product or service offered.
Companies must maintain a high-level human talent for each of these processes, as it is one of the most important parts, without doubting that electronic commerce is much more than the purchase process, but the use of all possible tools to ensure the safety of customers.
Advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce
ECommerce benefits
E-commerce benefits courtesy of ShutterStock
There are a series of advantages and disadvantages, which we are going to show below according to our perception:


Advantages of ecommerce
Access to the world market without geographical limitation.
Interaction and greater reach of the public.
Carrying out specific and direct strategies for a large volume or portfolio of specific clients.
Greater security and gulf email list  greater comfort for the company and for the client, because when the client needs to make a payment on the web, they are always suspicious. Give guarantee of payment.
You can have a greater offer, more specific information and more ordered range of products.
24/7 service. It is one of the main advantages and one of the main causes that the consumer is happy. Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be one of the great advantages that physical sites do not have.
Disadvantages of ecommerce:
Shipping costs can be the main problem, as the costs can be too high, depending on the geolocation
High competition, which makes customer loyalty difficult.
Security issues.
Need to have a network.
Distrust of consumers to see the product before buying it.
Other tools that must be implemented with ecommerce: Click to Call (C2C)
Click to call
Click To Call , courtesy of ShutterStock
At this time, the trend that exists is that companies must adapt to what consumers demand, what they like. Adapt to a client interconnected continuously with the network, with the social network. That is why it is advisable to develop and strengthen the ecommerce offer.
Companies and, above all, the entrepreneur must analyze, measure and know that the internet is the greatest source of growth for a business and having the electronic commerce system helps to increase the levels of sales in their products and / or services.
Invest in a good electronic channel that meets the quality requirements: different payment models (credit, debit, PSE …), availability and complete updating of the products (unless a customer is going to purchase a product or service and is in the payment process or has made the payment and the product is not available), a good landing page and website design (that is friendly, that is easy to handle and that the client or user does not get lost or abandon any process because it is too complicated), security and ease of purchase (maintain delivery and warranty options in the after-sales of products and / or services, to generate loyalty and good customer comments.
For this, it is very important to implement a new element that must be present on all business websites, companies and, rather, for the sale of products, the click-to-call or webcalling.

click to call example
This widget, in the form of a button, is added to the website and allows direct communication, without intermediaries, from a laptop, computer, cell phone or tablet with just one click. It helps to have and to offer a facility for contact. Well, thanks to this tool, visitors and calls to your business can be increased, achieving a possible faster and more efficient sale, since the button is presented and helps the visitor or potential client to be able to call quickly to solve doubts or buy / sell a product
As we can confirm the FlightMedia portal ensures the following:
This widget has aroused the interest of most companies because it helps streamline communication processes with the customer, since calls can be made from anywhere, or even users can leave their own phone number to be contacted as quickly as possible, which allows a company to assure a higher percentage and increase in sales.
Also, it is important to highlight that through webcalling, dynamic functions such as videos, chat, cobrowsing can be added and thus be able to complement and share the documents … which will generate greater user satisfaction.
To conclude, we can affirm that according to the Global In 2017 report, it indicates that ecommerce platforms reach 22% of the world population, and half of the users who buy through the Internet do so through mobile devices.
Many of these users feel mistrust when buying for fear of being deceived. Being able to talk to someone to get more information about the product or service increases the closing of the sale considerably. And for its part, We Are Social, a global digital agency, highlighted that in the next twelve months the world will spend more than 2 billion dollars buying products and services online, and many people in the global population will make their first purchase through the Internet.

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