Beyond Confinement: The Post-COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy

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Beyond Confinement: The Post-COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are facing an unprecedented and highly disruptive situation . According to an Econsultancy and denmark phone number Week survey of UK and US marketers, 63% of respondents admit that their marketing budgets have been frozen or under review and more than half of product launches have been postponed .Today, many brands are in a key intermediate phase to reflect on the day after: how to refocus the digital marketing strategy after the initial tsunami?The initial response to the coronavirus crisis
Managing the short-term shock caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has consisted of canceling promotional campaigns and concentrating communication efforts on crisis management. Following these emergency measures, the strategic shift has focused on accompanying users during confinement with new actions designed against the clock that, generally, follow three clear lines:

To be present and visible to the user, accepting the situation, giving them immediate support and launching solidarity actions alone or in collaboration with other companies or public bodies.
Inform about changes in the service (for example, regarding the state of physical stores or e-commerce delivery times) to resolve customer doubts and communicate the measures taken to improve hygiene in stores. processes and the safety of employees who continue to carry out their work.
Establish new customer service protocols and evaluate the following actions while listening to users .
Brands have reoriented their marketing objectives in parallel with changes in user consumption patterns . The initial message should not focus on selling, but on providing solutions and expressing empathy, but the question is: what is the next step? It is time to design a roadmap analyzing the impact that the coronavirus crisis is going to have on each area of ​​the digital marketing plan.JACOB ALONSO , DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER AT LABELIUMProactive Preparation for the Post-COVID-19 Period
Based on the experience gathered in the 18 Labelium Group offices globally , we highlight the work areas that we consider unavoidable when organizing the post-COVID-19 stage in online marketing Real-time results monitoring
In times of uncertainty like the current one, data analysis is the perfect tool to detect the new dynamics that the situation is driving in the business. It is therefore important to explore what is happening inside and outside the company with the help of new control dashboards that are updated daily.

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These must include, on the one hand, the key KPIs of the e-commerce or web by channels and even have to have personalized alerts before critical  gulf email list  changes ; and, on the other hand, it is convenient to carry out a precise benchmark to monitor how the competition is evolving and how the crisis is affecting the brand’s position in the sector. This information will allow the construction of new possible scenarios and, thus, proactively prepare a response to the challenges that arise in the post-COVID-19 digital field. Analysis of user behavioThe big question mark facing brands is how their customers are going to behave in the “new normal” . Many of the looks on China and its exit from confinement have detected signs of revenge spending in some sectors such as luxury , but the truth is that actions must be planned with caution because even the most advanced countries are in the early phase recovery. Hence, this is the crucial time to reassess the brand’s customer base and investigate whether new audiences have been reached .
In many cases, the coronavirus crisis is radically changing the perception of brands . In fact, the Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 carried out globally shows that 65% of users consider that the response to the pandemic will be a fundamental criterion for deciding to buy the products of one brand or another in the future. Similarly, one in three consumers is already punishing brands that are failing in their reaction, either for their silence or for delivering inappropriate messages in the current context. New messages adapted to the post-covid-19 reality
Brands have turned to creating useful content for their buyer personas , adapting their message to the new reality in any of its formats: blog posts, social media profiles, videos … In fact, a shift has already been detected in the type of images that are used in social networks. A study by Pattern89 has analyzed the activity of 1,100 brands on social media and concludes that there are 27% fewer images and videos that show physical closeness between people.Our audience is waiting for clear, human messages that add value and show that the brand empathizes with them. Online content creation must take this into account now and in the post-covid-19 stage because the effects of this catharsis are likely to last over time . At Labelium we are already working with our clients to design a digital media plan that addresses the three main phases: lockdown, de-escalation and the first 100 days of the “new normal”.

Brands must be careful when choosing the messages to convey
4. Business Planning: redistribution of advertising investment
The change in audience habits has revolutionized the Digital Media Plans planned for this 2020 . According to the Coronavirus Research study by Globalwebindex , during confinement , the activities to which users are spending the most time are monitoring current affairs, commonly through a Smart TV (67%), viewing audiovisual content in streaming ( 45%) and, of course, the use of social networks (45%) . Currently, many of the advertising campaigns are betting on video marketing because they are focused on enhancing branding and user loyalty. We are sowing so that we can start harvesting later . Advertising in audiovisual content is experiencing an unprecedented boom , but it must not be forgotten that it is a very versatile channel that also allows you to invite action. Proof of this are formats such as TrueView for Action on YouTube, thanks to which we can target ads to attract traffic or leads.LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
However, it is time to readjust budgets, calculate estimates and plan the deployment in performance that will accompany the de-escalation, since online advertising will play a fundamental role in the reactivation of post-COVID-19 sales. Prioritization of product lines and adjustment of e-commerce
As the analysis of the e-commerce platform Stackline shows , COVID-19 has boosted demand in certain sectors in a very selective way, so that, from now on, the marketing strategy must be structured around lines of products.This has a direct impact on the configuration of e-commerce : it is necessary to adapt it to enhance the booming products and offer the best possible shopping experience. In addition, the impossibility of direct contact with the articles makes the information on the web about their characteristics and the available stock more important than ever to boost sales and, in addition, gain positions in organic .
Strengthening the omnichannel strategy in the reopening phase

The digital marketing strategy has to support the reopening of physical establishments closed during confinement . Many factors come into play here to take into account: update of files in Google My Business , communication plan on hygiene and safety measures , strengthening of omnichannel , distribution of investment budgets based on locations and campaign planning click-to-brick . Each country, and even each region, is organizing release from lockdown differently. The pace and conditions of store reopening will vary, so a flexible approach to online communication and geographically targeted marketing should be adopted . At Labelium, we are accompanying many retailers in the process, helping them create scenarios and protocols for when this moment arrives.
The reopening will be marked by safety and hygiene measures
Labelium Group, working on recovery
There are many clients we are supporting in rethinking their digital marketing plans around the world. The current uncertainty scenario requires brands to be able to adjust their online strategy at all times with agility and prepare the day after to boost sales both online and offline. In this sense, the variety of clients and the international character of Labelium Group provide the agency with a great breadth of vision to reorient any type of digital strategy. From this point of view, there are no unique recipes, but we are at a perfect time to proactively stimulate recovery dynamics .

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