Black Friday 2020: how to adjust your marketing strategy to the new normal?

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Black Friday 2020: how to adjust your marketing strategy to the new normal?

The consumer before the first Black Friday of the new normal
The uncertainty has already marked the return to physical stores during sales and campaign Back to the Cole . Both retailers and consumers have their get a uk mobile number sights set on the evolution of the coronavirus contagion curve, so digitization on Black Friday 2020 has only gained ground as it is the safest option . We highlight three trends that will mark consumer behavior this yearThe search for offers goes ahead and the interest in discounts growsThe complex economic situation in which many countries are mired due to the pandemic means that the interest in Black Friday offers is getting ahead. According to Criteo data , in 2019, traffic increased 46% ten days earlier. In 2020, the date of Black Friday will be Friday, November 27 , although it is likely that users will start the search for promotions 41 days before the average , that is, their buyer’s journey will begin in mid-October. Online shopping and Click-and-Collect options triumph
During the lockdown, many users discovered new brands and tried their e-commerce. According to Criteo’s Peak to Recovery study , while 88% of customers plan to make the majority of Black Friday and Christmas purchases online, 64% miss going to stores . In fact, when logistics are complicated by the flood of orders and brands prioritize less costly options operationally speaking, the Click-and-Collect option becomes very attractive : 56% prefer it to ensure they receive their package, according to data from Salesforce .

. Digital channels gain numbers: more users and more diversification
The lockdown has extended the reach of digital channels to users belonging to Generation X and the so-called Boomers . According to GlobalWebIndex , 35% of both groups are spending more and more time on social networks and 63% say they use their smartphones more as a result of restrictive measures motivated by the coronavirus. It is not surprising, since the mobile has been winning integers for a long time. In the following graph, Salesforce shows the evolution of mobile traffic on the key dates of the season over the last few years:Strengthens the technical foundations of e-commerce : it is advisable not to make drastic changes to the web that could have a negative impact on the loading speed and on the user experience and navigation. The Web Vitals Core Google help calibrate this in the e-commerce. In addition, it is advisable to check the purchase and payment process from your mobile, since traffic and transactions from smartphones do not stop growing . Prepare your sales strategy : the uncertainty regarding the economic direction is marking more than ever on Black Friday 2020. There are many options to organize this strategy, but it is essential to take into account aspects such as logistics to communicate the shipping deadlines . The flash offers or weekly promotions also help capture the attention of the user and, at the same time dilute the concentration of orders within a few days, preventing bottlenecks occur in shipments.

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Rebuild the marketing mix to reach users : consumption habits have changed and there are emerging channels such as TikTok or the digital audiovisual ecosystem that allow brands to make themselves known to new audiences.  gulf email list  However, for the advertising strategy to be effective, we must organize sales campaigns taking into account the audience we want to reach (to choose platforms and segment the campaigns) and user behavior in order to decide to apply prospecting tactics. or retargeting. Throughout the development of the campaign, it will be necessary to adjust budgets and keep a close eye on ROI.
Anticipation: the secret to succeeding on Black Friday 2020
E-commerce, omnichannel and online inspiration are trends that continue and advance this Black Friday 2020, although there is no doubt that it will be a complex and certainly atypical campaign. As a final tip, we can highlight three concepts: anticipation, flexibility and visibility . There are three maxims that at Labelium we keep in mind at all times when planning and executing marketing actions, because only with those three ingredients included in the strategy, we can maximize the results despite the circumstances.

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