Boss, please don’t lie to me anymore.

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Boss, please don’t lie to me anymore.

My answer is always the same:
It is that to generate commitment in people it is not enough to ask for it. It is a back and forth issue.
Let me explain.
If something is clear to me  in the current employment relationship, it is that there is the phenomenon of cause and effect. That is, generally, you receive what you deliver. I like to call it the reflection of the mirror.
Don’t expect smiles if you Lebanon Phone Number List  stand out for your ” dog face, ” something so common to find in today’s misunderstanding and dangerous authoritarian leadership.
Although in technical terms it is called “transactional”, authoritarian leadership -among many other mischievous- stands out for a stereotype of a boss, namely, who runs an organization does not laugh, does not mix with employees, can not returning the greeting, he is identified by his ability to punish, his inability to propose dialogue in the face of a problem, and especially, for showing his power from a glass dome, obviously, a leadership behind closed doors.


I mean, this type of boss is almost a human being.
So how can you ask employees for commitment if there is a broken bridge between the parties?
Let’s not talk about the bosses  gulf email list – also read presidents, directors and managers – who also promise and do not deliver. They just lie. This disaffection or lack of commitment fatally damages the work environment and affects productivity.
Surveys affirm that the low commitment of the employees with the organization is due to the lack of  project and that the bosses say one thing and do another . In addition, six out of ten think that the company does not take advantage of their capabilities, and more than half of them believe that it does not offer them the possibility of professional advancement either.
Although, when the bosses are surveyed , they see the straw in another’s eye. Hiring managers know that the first cause of failure in companies is the hypocrisy of the leaders, who, however, believe that saying something and doing the opposite is only the eighth cause of failure.
We are wrong, then.
To do?
Get in touch with your workforce. Be consistent. Do not promise what you cannot do, or assure something about which there are doubts. Perhaps we should pay attention to the former president of Microsoft Spain, María Garaña, whom I once heard say

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