Brand Teraphy or Brand Therapy by Cristina Quiñones

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Brand Teraphy or Brand Therapy by Cristina Quiñones

Today you have the pleasure of having a great guest on my blog. Nothing more and nothing less than Cristina Quiñones Dávila who will be present at Expo Oman Phone Number List 2015 in its first version in Bolivia.
A few days ago I wrote to Cristina to invite her to share her knowledge on Mclanfranconi.com in advance of Expo Marketing 2015.I publicly thank Cristina for her good vibes and I leave you with her article, which will surely make people talk.BRAND TERAPHY OR BRAND THERAPY
Consumer psychologists and insighters often say that we do people and brand therapy, that in both cases, we need to understand both tensions / conflicts; such as virtues / talents and opportunities. It is about finding a balance and a “more functional” life that can be true to one’s own essence and also to one’s own mission / life objective. This is something that undoubtedly suggests a lot of analysis but also strategy. As in life, marketing requires specialists to re-educate brands, re-route paths / stories and do therapy! I personally believe that consumer psychologists as well as insighters and strategists have a lot to contribute here.

BEING A MARKETER AND NOT KNOWING THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOUR CONSUMER IS LIKE HAVING AN EXCELLENT CAR AND NOT BEING ABLE TO DRIVE IT AT SPEED!In our experience connecting brands with people we have been able to identify some essential tools for this “brand therapy” and we disseminate them below:BRAND INSIGHT: Your essence is always inside
It is about knowing where you come from in order to know where you are going: STRENGTHS. That which constitutes your essence and that is deeply rooted in your history, genetics or roots. What makes you strong in the eyes of others! And that you can’t always see…. At Consumer Truth we call it Brand Insight: it is this perception (deep meaning) that usually underlies the brand, and reveals / rediscovers its potential in the eyes of the people! As the Esika brand points out, you are much more than what you see! (or you can see).ANTI-INSIGHT: The brake can also be your opportunity
After determining your strengths, you must also determine the conflicts, tensions, barriers or brakes. That which stops you, that prevents you from growing, that does not make you attractive in the eyes of others … they are usually in the field of functionality (what the brand / product does not meet or satisfy from a rational perspective), the emotional ( the fears, fears, shame or shame that its use / consumption produces), the cultural (the beliefs, values, practices or rituals that are associated with the brand) and / or the financial (perception of value).

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KEY STRATEGIC INSIGHT: New perspective on the relationship between a person and a brand that you had not taken into account!
It is about decanting all the gulf email list  observations, data, information into key findings or discoveries, which usually trigger strategic ideas. The key insights are not always in the consumer, they can also start from an analysis of the foresight of the industry (opportunities or key trends that will move masses, audiences and preferences in the future!), From a detection of a cultural Insight related to tensions conflict or social trends that affect an industry and therefore its values ​​towards the consumer; or it could also be in the product itself that, when analyzed with an insighter perspective, reveals a previously not considered angle that is of great value to audiences, and triggers the behavior / preference. It often involves a lot of research and analysis (first stage) but also a lot of intuition, strategic look and creativity. The job of detecting insights from data is like finding gold dust, it depends on how well you look, and where you look. In our experience as consumer psychologists or brand therapists, value is usually hidden in realms that have previously been discarded or ignored.


STRATEGIC IDEA: the best ideas do not come from inspiration, but from perspiration!
It is about defining the opportunity territory of the brand, the basis of its future growth and / or its real connection with the consumer, based on a key Insight, and an exhaustive analysis of the industry, competitive situation and own history of the brand. The “BIG ideas”, unlike the insights, suppose a proposal to reconnect the brands with the people that no longer arises from the mere analysis of the consumer / brand; but rather the ability of the strategist to discover opportunities and propose territories, concepts or frameworks for action.We need Mind and Brand Therapy
As we have seen, brands, like people, need to reconfigure their vision of themselves, learn from their mistakes, enhance their opportunities and re-route paths. It is not always necessary to have sessions with a psychologist; But it is often important to stop and self-analyze or question. In awareness is the beginning of all change. In marketing as in life, people / brands sometimes… .we need therapy.If you want to know more about Brand Therapy and / or want to apply it to your business / brand you can visit our website and Blog: www.consumer-truth.com.pe/Blog Cristina quiñones expomarketing exma 2015 bolivia mclanfranconi
MBA Cristina Quiñones. Director of Consumer Truth, consulting firm specialized in Insights & planning with clients in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Paraguay. MBA, Consumer Psychologist, and Publicist. Professor at ESAN Graduate School of Business in the MBA and Master of Marketing programs. Blogger of the Diario Gestión. International Speaker at Insights. It was Consumer Insights Manager KraftFoods Western Andean. He has given workshops and conferences in more than 8 countries in the region such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Mexico. Evangelizer of Insight in Social Networks. Member of the Account Planning Group Peru Initiative and the Peruvian Marketing Society. @cristinaq. Author of the book “Undressing the Mind of the Consumer: Consumer Insights in Marketing” (Editorial Planeta, 2013).

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