Brands are focused on seeking more and more engagement with the consumer

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Brands are focused on seeking more and more engagement with the consumer

Brands seek to achieve more and higher quality interactions with social media users.Collecting data from multiple studies, Ymedia has published its report “Actualydad January 2014”, in which it analyzes and summarizes the main developments in the digital world.According to the Telefónica Foundation study on the use of smartphones in Spain,  kuwait blogs list we are generating a great dependence on our phones, which we consult an average of 150 times a day (1 time every 6 minutes). Sales through these devices have exploded and 64% of users make at least one purchase per month with their phone. In addition, 80% of users use their phone to research products they plan to buy, placing this search in the late stages of the purchase process since 55% of purchases made with the mobile phone occur within 60 minutes after a purchase. search related to the product.Regarding social networks, it is estimated that a third of the time of Smartphone use is dedicated to RRSS. Regarding the relationship between the Smartphone and other devices, 72% of users affirm that they use instant messaging (WhatsApp) at the same time that they consume television content.
At the end of January, the IAB published its third annual study entitled “Top 50 Brands on Social Networks”, which analyzes the activity of the main brands that invest in the most relevant social networks. Through the PRGS model (Presence, Response, Generation and Suggestion) the impact of a brand in this environment is measured.According to the study, brands focus on seeking more and more ‘engagement’ with the consumer and for this they offer more elaborate content and have managed to increase the time spent on networks despite the fact that the volume of consumers has suffered a slight decrease in 2013 compared to last year. Brands seek to achieve more and higher quality interactions with users.


The mobile phone is more than a telephone conversation tool for young Spaniards. According to a study by Ipsos and Tuenti Móvil, carried out on young people between 16 and 35 years old, the penetration of this device  gulf email list reaches 94%. 84% connect to the internet through their terminal and almost half have a data plan, so the mobile phone plays a very important role in the day-to-day life of this group to be connected with the rest. 62% of these young people use the Smartphone more than their camera to take photos. In addition, by having them on the phone they share and tag those images on social networks.
At the end of January, the first sanction regarding cookies came from the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). The reason has been not to provide clear and precise information to navigators about the use and purpose of cookies. In March we commented on the creation of the “Guide on the use of cookies”, published by the AEPD to help understand the regulations and their implementation, since although at that time the law had been in force for some months, it had not been fully applied in the right way. Since then the change has been notorious and currently there are few websites that do not comply with the regulations and inform the navigator about the use of cookies on their sites and request consent prior to their installation.
Also in January, a new player arrived on the mobile phone market. Lenovo, the Asian giant, bought Motorola from Google for $ 2.91 billion. This sale puts an end to Google’s short step in the mobile manufacturing business, although it will keep most of Motorola’s patents in order to shield itself from possible lawsuits with competitors, especially Apple, and also allows it to focus on the development of the system. Android operating.Lenovo, which acquires the Motorola Mobility brand and the license to use the patents, manages with this operation to enter the American mobile telephony market with a position that allows it to compete with the market leaders, Apple and Samsung, as well as with other producers Chinese Smartphones.

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