Briefing: How to collect information to create an unbeatable proposal

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Briefing: How to collect information to create an unbeatable proposal

In mathematics there are two concepts that exemplify this type of situation, local maximum and global maximum . Many times, when we follow an easier route,  cell phone number lists usa we quickly reach a local maximum. But if we follow a slower and more dedicated path, it takes us to a global maximum. Consider the local maximum as if it were an intermediate point, a minor escalation. And to reach the global maximum, we will have to go down again and then climb the highest mountain.
What if there was a way to go straight to the highest point , delivering the best result and a job closer to perfection?ne of the greatest benefits of the briefing for the agency is precisely that: reducing the “spare part”, optimizing the work carried out, investing fewer team hours and, consequently, making the project more profitable for the agency. In addition, a good briefing can help to draw up stronger strategies and better align customer expectations, delivering success and avoiding future problems. The result? Consumer satisfaction and a good return for years to come.Are we going to learn to build an unbeatable briefing? We have divided this process into 6 blocks, below:- Value Proposition: Identify the purpose of your client’s companAccording to Joey Reiman, great branding guru , the purpose of your client’s company is greater than the problem it solves. Your understanding helps in understanding the positioning of the brand, its contents and its benefits, influencing not only the final consumer, but also who is within it (employees, collaborators, representatives, etc.). We separate some questions that help in the conclusion of this stage, such as:

What value does the company deliver to the customer?
What problem does it help to solve?
What needs are we meeting?
What set of products and services are offered for each person / customer segment?
In a sentence: What is your company and how do you want it to be perceived? – Objective (Public profile): Who is the customer?Objective can be understood as the different groups of people or organizations that a company seeks to serve or, in short, its target audience.Some questions to help your client identify who their target audience is:Describe what your customer is like.Do you have an ideal client in your portfolio? How is he?What are the characteristics of your main clients?
What are the main questions and problems you have when you come into contact with the company?How do you relate to him?The main idea here is to know everything about your audience . To facilitate this understanding, check out our lead generation tool .
At this time it is also interesting to do an internal analysis of the company, understanding what its strengths and weaknesses are. Externally, we seek to analyze the opportunities and threats of the company, both in the market and in the actions of its competitors. This analysis is known by the abbreviation SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), or SWOT (Forces, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats), and represents the understanding of the challenges and market promises of your client. This information will help you better understand the company’s brand and direct your Inbound Marketing strategy.

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among others. To understand which are the contact points of the clients and representatives of the company served, we can question:How does the company gulf email list disclose its products / services? What marketing actions were effective over time? Strengths and weaknesses.What was the positioning and return on investment (ROI)? What were the objectives of the campaigns? What was the investment?Through what channels does the company’s public want to be contacted? How is the target audience currently being reached?
How are the channels integrated? Which one works best?
Which ones have the best cost-benefit?
How do they fit into the routine of potential customers?
5 – Sales channels | Sources of income
Inbound Marketing strategies totally influence the generation of results of a company and, therefore, we need to deeply understand how sales work and the sales process of the client in question.
Some questions that can be raised at this stage:
How is your sales process? Is it structured?Do you use the sales tools? Do you have a structured sales funnel?Do you monitor proposal closing rates?How is your sales channel?
What is the size of your team? Do you have franchises? Explain what your distribution network is like.
What are the values ​​that customers are really willing to pay, how do they pay, and how would they prefer to pay?Does your company have a plan for the next 3 months?
Is there a predictability of new customers? What is the projection for the next few months?
Does your company control the cost of customer acquisition (CAC)?
6 – Digital PresenceTo finalize our diagnosis, we need to understand how the company positions itself on the Internet. Discover what they already do and where they have potential for the application of digital services, always with a focus on generating relevant results for you
Check out some important points to consider:

Does your company have a team or collaborator dedicated to Digital Marketing?
Does the team have clear goals and a projection of lead generation, opportunities and sales for the next 6 months?Does your company measure the quality of the Leads of the Adwords campaigns, monitor the conversion rate for Leads and for clients?
Does your company have indirect offers for lead generation (such as eBooks, Webinars, and Templates)?
Does your company use an Email Marketing tool to send its campaigns? Do you segment your contact lists when sending campaigns?
Does your company carry out a month-by-month analysis to identify optimization opportunities in Digital Marketing actions?All the questions posed are a true questionnaire, but after being answered, the agency conquers two very important weapons so that the next steps (Planning and Proposal Presentation) are more successful: the production of a deeper, more accurate diagnosis and the conquest of an authority position in both Digital Marketing and business strategyIt is enough to synthesize all this information within the house, share with the people who are going to upload the proposal and keep these three steps in mind:
1st step: Base your brand strategy on something sustainable, which identifies the reality of the business for your clientnd step: The Digital Marketing strategy must pass the real value of the customer’s product / service, so that the impact of the message and the actions is effective.
Step 3: Explore brand and product / service differentials, choose channels and develop actions so that the client’s goals and objectives are achieved.
The road is longer, but the construction of a solid base for the next stages allows the agency more possibilities of closing the account and a greater guarantee on the execution of future actions. Thus, it will not be necessary to go back and it is possible to go directly to the highest point of your goal, without having to redo the work.This post was originally written by Patrik Castilho, you can find it here , it has modifications and adaptations by the author for the Spanish-speaking market.

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