Briefing template: how to prepare to conduct a personalized meeting with a potential client

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Briefing template: how to prepare to conduct a personalized meeting with a potential client


If you identify with that example and get used to applying the same questions without skipping any or adding new ones, we regret to inform you that you are going the wrong way.
Due to the anxiety of making the proposal, winning a new contract and winning the yes of your client with the same offer format that you always do, without much work in a PPT or without studies, there is a great possibility of losing negotiations by not letting him see to the client the value that the shares have for their business objectives.Editable template for a successful business proposal
Do you want to make a successful sale of Digital uae phone number services for your clients? Discover right now a presentation in Slides that will help you close only fantastic accountsThe connection meeting is like a consultation with a doctorUsing the analogy, imagine the following situation:
You go to the doctor for abdominal pain, worried about what may be happening and looking for possible treatments. Upon entering the office, the doctor, with a disinterested look, asks:What do you feel?To convey your distress, you tell him about your tummy problem , when it started, why you think it started, what you tried to do to remedy the pain, among other things.
Without paying much attention, the doctor sees you and asks:- He has children? How old are you? How much does it weigh? Is there a history of illnesses in your family?
At that moment you, scared with the questions and without understanding the reason, you answer. With the pose of a specialist, the doctor says:- Analgesic, every 3 hours. What he has is a virus. In the allied pharmacy next door, they sell the best painkillers in the country. You will like it.Would you trust that doctor 100% and buy painkillers, or would you look for another doctor who will examine you better and convince you about the most appropriate treatment for youPresenting a project or showing services and products before doing a briefing (which is different for each “patient”) is the same thing.Why is a briefing necessary for any marketing project?Here are the reasons that justify the importance of a personalized briefing meeting:

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It is at that moment that  gulf email list information is obtained to create a better project ; Who goes beyond a briefing script, better understands the client’s problem and designs solutions that are more compatible with what they expect;
Companies are different from each other, requiring a complete review of their operation, case by case;
The client did not always stop to think in an organized way about their problems. It is during the briefing that the most latent doubts and needs arise;
Analyzing the responses of the briefing, it is possible to obtain an expectation of closure , since you start to better understand their problems and how much they are willing to invest in your work.
How to use briefing scripts wisely
Briefly, briefing means “instructions”. But the ideal is to go beyond the fixed script, personalize the briefing and the project for the client Know the recipe to carry out a briefing with excellence and create a project that makes sense:. Analysis prior to the briefing
a) Open the client’s website + briefing script + notepad Analyzing the site, write down the following information in the notebook:
Possible goals of that client.
What is the volume of visits that the site has and the strongest keywords of your prospect (for that you can use some analysis software such as SemRush, SimilarWeb, etc.)
c) Imagine what the sales process of that customer is and write down its premise.

d) Design a previous funnel of your sales funnel (even if numbers are missing)
Creation of a personalized briefing script for the client
Based on your premises and doubts that arose in the previous analysis and in the suggestion of the script presented in this post , prepare a personalized questionnaire in the notepad.Observation: the objective of the briefing is to design the client’s current scenario (with marketing actions, sales process, results, conversion rates) and an ideal scenario (what are the results expected by the prospect0). Checking the briefing script
Verify if from the built script, you can collect information such as:Target of the client (separated product or type of sale)
Types of sales (products, tickets, processes)
What is a sales opportunity for the customerHow many opportunities are required to make a sale currently.Current sales process (from first contact to first payment)
Current sales volumeMedium Ticket Current lead generation method If with the answers, you can create a current funnel and understand the customer’s problems. Congratulations! You already managed to do a good briefing.Now you must respond with the creation of a fair project that fits the client’s needs.This post was originally written by Bruno Gerolla in Portuguese and has adaptations for the Latin American and Spanish market.

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