Budweiser, AT&T, and McDonald’s are stopping sponsoring the Olympics. How did your marketing strategy change?

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Budweiser, AT&T, and McDonald’s are stopping sponsoring the Olympics. How did your marketing strategy change?

Several companies used to sponsor massive events, such as sports and entertainment events for decades, however, recently, companies such as Budweiser , McDonald’s, AT&T, Hiltron or Unilever decided not to review their sponsorship and reformulate their marketing strategies. Recently, Anheuser-Busch InBev , the company that owns Budweiser, decided Austria Mobile Number List not to renew a sponsorship contract with the United States Olympic team, after 32 years of doing so on the grounds that they are readjusting their sponsorship portfolio, although the truth is that the company is dedicating more resources to programmatic advertising. Austria Mobile Number List

Another company that decided to take the same step was McDonald’s, who decided to end its relationship with the International Olympic Committee, whose relationship was forged since 1976. Like previous brands, as well as TD Ameritrade and Citi , who had the same concept of sponsorship called “Worldwide TOP Partnership”, firms that upon exiting the agreement would withdraw from their television advertisements during the broadcasts of the Olympic games.

Although the impression is that the brands have already lost interest in the Olympic Games , the truth is that it is a change in marketing strategies, but in the case of McDonald’s, since 2015 it has been making changes in its communication channels with the customer , implementing Brother Cell Phone List applications, mobile orders, which with the withdrawal of sponsorship culminates its change in marketing strategy. The company appears to be trying to cut costs of $ 500 million by the end of 2018.

The one who followed a similar strategy was Unilever , who decided to make its marketing cuts, that is, between one and two billion euros globally, due to the fact that they would redesign their market strategies, among which a greater investment in programmatic advertising stood out. , through a “zero-based budget”. Although so far, the companies that withdrew from the Olympic Games did not disclose the amount of the divestment, in addition to not having presented plans to reinvest those resources.

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