Business lessons from the Game of Thrones series

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Business lessons from the Game of Thrones series

At this point in life I think many must have seen (or heard) about the famous and acclaimed series Game of Thrones. In case you have not seen it, I recommend that as soon as possible you can get hold of the DVDs since you are missing a number of good ones.
Without going into details and trying not to reveal many spoilers (although some will escape), this series is based on a collection of fantasy books created by George RR Martin. What should be highlighted the most in this series are the constant confrontations, alliances, betrayals, punishments and even strategies that the different characters present to achieve their objectives.
So whether you have watched the series  Tunisia Phone Number List or not, here are 10 business tips that this series could teach you.
Member who leaves his team, family, battalion; member suffering some kind of damage (not to mention death). In this series something that is very clear to us is that unity is strength and that most of the times that a character decides to leave on his own, he ends up with big problems (Although not all, we will see)


On the other hand, this becomes evident with Daenery’s (“breaker of chains, mother of dragons”) as she gathers people through an interesting strategy to form her great army.
The best way to achieve the objectives in a business, company or project, is to understand the importance of joining others that make us more powerful.
The family that boasts the most throughout the series is one that suffers the most problems. We speak nothing more and nothing less than the Lannisters.
Throughout the series, this family boasts of its economic power, of how they move the kingdom, but it is also the family that eventually wins the most enemies because of their way of being.
Never brag or brag about what you have, how much you have, or how well your life is going. Remember that many times we can be up, as we can also fall and that having earned enemies or a bad reputation is not recommended.



There are two characters in Game of Thrones that really pull strings from total darkness and it is because they know the phrase: “Information is power.” I am referring to Lord Varys and Lord Petyr Baelish, who boast of having “little birds” in different parts of the kingdom that keep them informed.
In business, information is also power. We must then learn to have a strategy that allows us to be informed of everyone,  gulf email list from how our company is, to how the market and the competition are.
If there really is a character who exudes leadership through his pores, it is Daenery’s. She is a strategist and leader from start to finish. It is enough to see during the seasons how she gains the appreciation of her followers and how she creates a huge army that follows her to death.
If you want to have a great army of businesses, you want people to fight alongside you, then you must learn about leadership.
For that I invite you to read my article on 11 secrets to be a good leader and 10 not to be.

If something about in the series Game of Thrones is the betrayals. From betrayals between kingdoms, to betrayals between friends or family. We never really know who is a really good person and who is not. Throughout the series we have that feeling of discomfort caused by the issue of not knowing what each character is like.Here I go back to the Lannisters who seem to be a family that at times loves each other and at times wants to tear out their eyes.
When we do business, let us remember well to study and choose our colleagues, partners or even workers. Betrayal can always be on the surface. And in case you decide at some point to betray someone … watch the series well and surely you will prefer not to.
Throughout the series we will find many situations in which the characters act based on their emotional states and not with a good strategy. From the pedantic attitudes of the young King Joffrey who constantly takes action without caring what the Council members tell him, to the Catelyn Stark who lets a prisoner escape at a critical moment.
Many times feelings can cloud our judgment, but in the long run business is numbers and strategies. It is one thing to have a “hunch” and quite another is that by rationally analyzing the situation, we make a wise decision.

If there’s one character who really doesn’t have a chance of surviving a fight, it’s Tyrion Lannister. This character is the less loved brother of the Lannisters and even suffers constant ridicule for his physical condition, since he suffers from dwarfism.
However, I believe that there is no character who has survived more possible attacks, murders, betrayals than him, and this thanks to his ability to negotiate and diplomacy.
Remember then, that knowing how to negotiate in this new era is something extremely powerful and that those who master the best techniques will be the ones who will actually achieve the best deals, deals and opportunities.
With so many betrayals, alliances, wars and plots in this series, it is clear that knowing how to find an opportunity is something key. From how Daenery’s takes advantage of being sold by his brother to Khal Drogo by his own brother, to how characters like Lord Varys and Lord Petyr Baelish take advantage of key moments to increase their power.
Finding or detecting opportunities is not the same as being an opportunist. We must understand that in business you have to find the right moment, the right situation and all the key elements to really obtain a healthy profit.

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