By 2019, 80% of internet traffic will involve video.What does it mean for brands?

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By 2019, 80% of internet traffic will involve video.What does it mean for brands?

Although marketing is about connecting with people, and websites and social networks are part of programmatic advertising, the truth is that the digital format of marketing could evolve, according to the video format. In a recent study, Cisco Systems revealed that by 2019 , 80 percent of all internet traffic , both on desktop and mobile, will involve video, forcing Azerbaijan Mobile Number List brands to introduce more video and mobile formats. less on digital posters. According to Cisco, brands will have to modify their budgets, since the cost of producing a video will depend on the length, duration, design and type of production. Marketing week recommends that brands not base their campaigns on the virality of the video, since in many cases it might not work, so companies would have to redesign their goals to stand out from their competition. Azerbaijan Mobile Number List

Likewise, with video throughout the network, these cannot be used for all audiences, but the ideal is to make a series of videos with similar themes, short and distributed on specific channels, since these will be enough elements how they will react. potential consumers. Sometimes companies have an idea or references that might not align with the tone with Brother Cell Phone List which they should convey the message, and as an example, corporate videos have shown that those with 3D animation are more effective . Among the notable video formats are:By 2019, 80% of internet traffic will involve video.What does it mean for brands? For this, brands must find the right agency, the one that is familiar with the idea and target that the company seeks to address. By having the videos ready, the firm can increase its reach if the ad is successful or viral, which will serve to continue research to adapt to new trends where the brand can stand out.

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