Chatbots: how do they affect the user experience in e-commerce?

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Chatbots: how do they affect the user experience in e-commerce?

Faced with this avalanche of traffic and, undoubtedly, of queries, doubts and complaints, what role do chatbots play in e-commerce ?An X-ray of customer service with chatbots in e-commerce
The chatbots are residential phone listing uk computer programs that, thanks to gifted artificial intelligence technology , allow a conversation with users to provide information or perform an action. They are usually integrated into instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger , although they can also be programmed to operate from the website itself as a pop-up window. Normally, users contact e-commerce especially when they have quick questions (such as “when will my package arrive?” Or “what is the return policy?”) Or when they want to finish a task (they are more complex queries such as trying to claim a refund or resolve an issue). The majority of current chatbots are prepared to deal reliably with the first case, which is usually defined as FAQ automation . On paper, the advantages of chatbots are clear : 24/7 availability, unloading of staff in customer service, and increased e-commerce conversion. However, we find surveys as recent as the CGS one from May 2020 :

For about 40% of the users who participated, being able to talk to a person was one of the fundamental requirements to positively assess the customer service of a brand.
44% wanted it to be easier to contact customer service staff .
25% were disappointed in a brand’s customer service for not being able to talk to a person .
What causes general detachment from chatbots? What is failing in customer service?More online customer service channels… more disappointment among users?It may seem paradoxical, but as the number of channels available to offer customer service grows , so does the disappointment of users . In the webinar The Future of AI-Driven Customer Service from MIT Sloan Management Review, the success rates are shown and they place chatbots (50%) and messaging apps (40%) well below the traditional telephone or mobile phone. talk to a technician via chat (both 100%).
While in more and more aspects of the business a total integration is sought and preference is given to solutions linked to omnichannel , customer service channels have multiplied, but most of the time they operate divided, generating frustrating situations for the user . In fact, according to a survey conducted by Business Insider , 60% of US users don’t complete a purchase if they run into a bad customer service experience in the process. Many instant messaging apps work with chatbots
And yet, e-commerce chatbots are more necessary than ever
The solution to improve the user experience with chatbots goes through:

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Deepen the integration of online and offline customer service channels : the chatbot  gulf email list must be able to detect at what point it cannot help with the problem and redirect the conversation to the next link in the chain, the technician, sending him all the information exchanged with the client. In the end, the model must always be mixed . The e-commerce chatbot plays a facilitating role for customer service.
Visibility and unified management of customer service channels : the borders erected between the different channels reduce the visibility of the whole, so it is convenient for the customer service department to have shared protocols for all of them. In this context, messaging platforms have emerged (MaaP, Messaging as a Platform ) , which are tools that unify the exchange of messages with customers in the same place (Facebook, Google My Business, SMS, WhatsApp, reviews …) and many combine the action of chatbots with the personal attention of their technicians.
New AI technologies are perfecting the precision of chatbots : the enormous evolution that is taking place in the field of natural language processing or NPL with the emergence of the GPT-3 language is undoubtedly going to refine the operation of chatbots . In addition, chatbot providers are increasingly integrating them with the web so that they have contextual and behavioral information online . For example, if the user has already consulted certain pages in the e-commerce, the chatbot would not forward them to them again.
The vision that customers have of the brand is closely related to their perception of customer service. The vast majority of times, users who come into contact with e-commerce are looking for solutions, not information, and less advanced chatbots are not able to solve this need. However, the latest advances in artificial intelligence are giving these digital assistants a greater capacity to converse and detect the needs of users, making it a very useful tool to manage a large volume of queries in e-commerce.

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