Christmas campaign in e-retail: how to guide the digital marketing strategy?

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Christmas campaign in e-retail: how to guide the digital marketing strategy?

The adoption of Anglo-Saxon shopping customs such as Black Friday makes the Christmas campaign begin earlier and earlier for Spanish businesses . Consumers not only tend to advance their purchases, but their trust in the digital channel also grows to order a large part of the gifts of Santa Claus and the Magi. For this reason, December is a key month for e-retail : it is time to put all the meat on the grill with a good Christmas valid china mobile number strategy that multiplies sales and ROI.How is Christmas 2019 presented for the retail sector?
The study Holiday Online Shopping Trends 2019: Customer Centricity Retailers Win with EPiServer presents interesting revelations ahead of the Christmas campaign this year:Most users (21%) start purchasing their gifts during the first half of December . There is an even more forward-thinking 17% who get to work between November 16 and 30.
39% of those surveyed prefer to buy online , while 36% prefer physical stores. Against these, 25% are left with an online-offline balance.Amazon, the favorite platform to buy online at Christmas
Episerver’s report highlights Amazon’s supremacy during the holidays. The 42% of consumers expected to do all or most of their holiday shopping in 2019 through this platform.

In fact, the behavior of Internet users in the weeks leading up to Christmas changes dramatically. During the rest of the year, 32% of users start by searching on Google in order to get inspiration and find ideas about what to buy. However, in the Christmas campaign, only 18% start their buyer’s journey in Google, compared to 32% who are clear about the products they want to get and who go directly to Amazon Of course, the role of brand portals is still crucial. In the field of fashion, 43% of consumers turn to them to find out about the characteristics of the garments. In addition, a significant 68% compare the products that brands have available on Amazon and on their own websites, in an attempt to find a greater variety and better prices.The importance of the omnichannel shopping experience at Christmas
Consumers want a year-round, hassle-free omnichannel shopping experience… but at Christmas this desire is accentuated. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) points out that this taste for mixing the physical and the digital is especially prevalent among the Z generation . According to a report by this association, 60% of individuals between 18 and 25 years of age take advantage of all the in-store and online possibilities that retailers offer them to make their purchases.In addition, young people of generation Z feel confident having access to a brand store near their place of residence when they make a purchase via the Internet. This is stated by two thirds of those consulted by the ICSC.

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Gen Z youth enjoy an omnichannel shopping experience
When it comes to retailers, adopting an omnichannel perspective not only implies gulf email list  promoting fluidity between online and offline , but also between different digital channelsFrom the point of view of usability and Christmas marketing, the ideal is to provide customers with a seamless experience that ensures consistency between sessions on the desktop, on the mobile web and in the app.BORJA PESQUERA , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUIn this sense, the user must be able to retrieve an abandoned cart in any environment , regardless of whether he began to fill it in another; and the information shown must always be personalized, with access to the products you have recently seen or the latest purchases madeChristmas digital marketing for e-retail: 4 tips
On a practical level, and apart from perfecting their omnichannel offering, there are four actions that retailers can implement right now to succeed with their digital marketing strategy at Christmas SEO on Amazon and other marketplaces
It is no longer enough just to do SEO for the manufacturer’s or brand’s website. You also have to work on organic positioning within Amazon and the different marketplaces where you have a presence. The key lies in optimizing the writing of the product sheets so that they respond to the search patterns of users within these platforms.

Reinforce offers on Google Shopping
In channels such as Google Shopping , it is essential to take care of the management of feeds and carry out a strategy of prioritizing products and reinforcing the current offers.At Christmas there is no time to lose and every detail counts. A price just a few cents cheaper than that of the competition can be decisive in tilting the purchase decision on Google ShoppingEDUARDO AGUDO , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUM
A woman does her Christmas shopping through her tablet
3. More aggressive retargeting and programmatic buying tactics
The fight to take over advertising spaces intensifies in the Christmas campaign. For this reason, it is advisable to inject aggressiveness into programmatic purchasing actions , betting on higher and more diversified budgets.A few days before Christmas and the Three Wise Men, it is appropriate to direct investment in PPC towards retargeting actions to capture the undecided.
Take care of the visual component of Social Ads
To reach those who seek inspiration and those who buy through the eyes, the best option is advertising on social networks. The trend of the most desired brands at Christmas is to create Social Ads with a careful visual component and take advantage of the possibilities of Instagram .

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