Clubhouse: what is the potential of this new social network for brands?

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Clubhouse: what is the potential of this new social network for brands?

The effervescence that we are experiencing in social media means that from time to time a new app appears wanting to gain a foothold in the current platform scene . TikTok conquered the audience with its irreverent microvideos and its accurate algorithm in the selection of content for each user; list of free phone numbers uk  Twitch was crowned in 2020 as one of the preferred platforms for live-streaming … and now the media focus is on Clubhouse , the new social network that takes advantage of the popularity of digital audio to attract new users and influencers . What is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is a new social network that is halfway between a podcasting platform and an instant messaging app . It is similar to the rebroadcasting of an interactive podcast in which the public can intervene upon request to speak. Clubhouse is based on digital audio , so there is no need to rehearse a previous staging and conversations can arise spontaneously.
The Clubhouse track record has been meteoric . In May 2020, it only had a few thousand users in the United States but, according to the figures that App Annie handles , right now it would be at 8.1 million active users globally . Furthermore, this growth is limited by the fact that it is only available for iOS and to access the App you need another user who is already inside to invite you.

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Clubhouse Global Downloads on iOS According to App Annie
Clubhouse Global  gulf email list Downloads on iOS According to App Annie Clubhouse is benefiting from the power of attraction of great personalities such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg himself , who have run rooms in the app to chat about different topics of actualdiad. This avalanche of new users has put Clubhouse on the ropes, which is trying to digest this huge increase in activity to prevent the App from collapsing as it has already happened. At the same time, Facebook and Twitter are developing tools similar to these audio chats to compete with it characteristics that mark the Clubhouse personality We highlight the features that have driven Clubhouse’s popularity:
The audio chats are live and are not saved : this feature exploits the FOMO syndrome of users , that is, the fear of missing something. For now, the talks cannot be recorded from the app itself (it can be done with third-party tools, but always giving notice) so, if users do not attend, they will not have access to the content later. This contrasts with the content consumption of the other platforms, which can be planned according to our schedules. Clubhouse enhances audience engagement : the ability to actively participate in discussions makes using Clubhouse much more dynamic compared to listening to a podcast. As with Twitch, audience engagement grows simply by being able to interact with the influencers they follow.
It allows you to rest from so much visual stimulation : although there are users eager to participate, you can also consume audio content passively as an escape route from other networks, which require constant visual attention.

Clubhouse is part of the trend that is driving digital audio today
What role will brands play in Clubhouse?
Despite its success, the challenge for an application with less than a year of experience is to implement a monetization system that allows it to establish itself as an interesting option for content creators and that sustains its own infrastructure in the medium and long term. term. At the moment, clubhouse is free for users and does not get revenue from advertising . For now, some brands have chosen to sponsor rooms and thus create connections with a very active audience . Clubhouse is developing options to facilitate the participation of brands in the app in a more systematic way.However, there are also voices from the industry calling for caution as Clubhouse defines the formulas for advertisers . For example, one of the strengths of Clubhouse is the feeling of closeness with the hosts of the rooms, which is contrary to the massive growth strategy that most social platforms follow. On the other hand, the lack of recorded content is also a barrier for brands to reach a greater number of users.From Labelium, we will continue investigating the Clubhouse phenomenon to inform about the possibilities that it offers to brands. If you do not want to miss any news in the field of digital marketing, we invite you to follow us on our LinkedIn page where you can find the latest blog articles and other relevant news .

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