Consumers ask brands for good customer service this Christmas

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Consumers ask brands for good customer service this Christmas

The shops have already welcomed Christmas, their windows have been adorned with snowmen and plump men in red with white beards. You breathe peace, harmony and happiness, the ideal conditions to buy. A great year is coming, the most important Christmas in the history of  Namibia Phone Number List ecommerce.An idyllic climate that can vanish when the customer does not find the product they are looking for, has placed their order online and it does not arrive, or simply needs to return it. What at first seemed like a satisfying experience can turn into a true hell, if companies are not prepared to meet the needs of their customers.The LoudHouse study shows that consumer expectations grow year after year, while companies are unable to keep up. It is important to note that the habits and behavior of customers has changed. 67% of online consumers used various means to make their purchases in the last 6 months. A reality that does not coincide with that of companies, which causes frustration. Only 7% of customers are fully satisfied with the experience provided by the brands.
Another area that companies must improve substantially is their customer service. Sadly, consumers think that brands care much more about selling than offering good service.
87% of customers believe that brands should do more to offer a better experience to their customers. 73% consider that they care about selling through all channels, but neglect the need to offer an integrated shopping experience through all of them.This same integration in the customer service area is a challenge. 37% of customers would like the company to follow up on their problem, regardless of the channel chosen to contact them. Although this today is almost impossible even between one telephone operator and another.


The telephone call continues to be the main way to contact the company (54%), closely followed by  gulf email list 
email (48%). Online channels are increasing their presence (27%), while the last resort is to visit the establishment (26%). In general terms, the speed of response and the ability to resolve are indispensable conditions that customers demand (89%), along with the kindness of the treatment (82%).
Depending on the channel chosen, there is a specific type of reaction from the company. As is the case that 59% of clients expect to solve their problem in half an hour, if they call by phone, or obtain an effective response, if they manage their request through social networks (52%) or by mail (75 %). 64%, for their part, expect to obtain a response in real time to their requests.
The quality of customer service is a basic premise that can influence when choosing a brand. 78% of customers take the reputation of a brand into account when deciding where to buy. This has a positive impact on direct benefits for the brand and on customer loyalty. 3 out of 4 customers will buy again from that company where they have received excellent treatment. Even 56% will recommend the brand in their environment. As if that weren’t enough, 33% of satisfied customers buy more from brands where they feel properly cared for.

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