Consumers prefer the telephone to social networks to formulate their inquiries to brands

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Consumers prefer the telephone to social networks to formulate their inquiries to brands

Today consumers have a much wider variety of channels to communicate with brands, but brands are finding it difficult to integrate all of them successfully. Social networks have fallen in favor with consumers and companies strive to offer outstanding customer service through them. But statistics show that they still have a long way to goZendesk has interviewed 30,000 companies and their respective clients in more than 125 countries and asked them about the efficiency of  get nigeria phone number customer service, the behavior of consumers in these situations and the levels of engagement they achieve. The results reveal that Facebook is in last position because the telephone and chats are still the preferred methods when customers have doubts. While telephone services obtained 91% satisfaction and chats 85%, Facebook registered, even though it was high, the lowest figure, 74% customer satisfaction. It is below Twitter (81%) or email (82%).
It is evident that what is most successful, what the consumer is looking for, is personal communication and interaction that is as real-time as possible. You want your query resolved and you want it now.


But it is difficult to know if this greater satisfaction for older and traditional channels is due to the expectations that customers have of each channel or simply because the service is not yet strong and effective enough in the new digital channels.In this sense, there is a study by Steven Van Belleghem  gulf email list that suggests it could be both reasons. It seems that consumers expect a faster response through the phone than through social networks and, at the same time, they believe that it will be more agile to consult on social networks than with an email. However, the study shows that, especially on Twitter, your queries often go unanswered.
The Zendesk report shows some correlation between company response times and the level of customer satisfaction. As might be expected, on weekdays, queries and doubts are answered in a much more agile way and it has been seen how the satisfaction of those on the other side tends to grow as response times are reduced.The numbers do not signify the denial of Facebook as a consumer service channel. It has more than a billion users around the world who can now also access the network through their smartphones. In fact, Facebook is the social network that is most accessed through the phone with 75%, compared to 28% on Twitter, according to data from Adobe.
It is simply a matter of perfecting the service provided, with competent personnel to offer a valid solution for the client and within the time frames that the client considers reasonable.

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