Content marketing is key, but it is not everything in sales

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Content marketing is key, but it is not everything in sales

Content marketing has become one of the main trends in current marketing. You just have to look at the investment in content marketing that was made in 2014, for example, the year in which it reached 144.81 billion dollars, according to figures from PQ Media, projected by Statista, since they will go from that amount to 313.42 billion dollars in 2019. However, this trend faces the enormous amount of content generated by strategists, with which Croatia Mobile Number List they seek to stand out in their industries, but in that effort, all they achieve is to “bury” each other. At least in Latin America and Spain, 98 percent of companies already develop content marketing strategies. For this reason, generating sales through content marketing must go a step further, be more specific and become content selling, since in this way, it focuses specifically on customers going from being potential to final consumers. For Marcos Enríquez, director of marketing and content at LowPost, content marketing is rarely promotional and rarely speaks directly about a product or company, as it focuses on offering something of value to current and potential customers.Croatia Mobile Number List

On the contrary, content selling precisely seeks to expose a product or service as a necessity in various formats, attracting the shopper and finally conquering it, to the point of even generating loyalty for the company. This content can be in the form of text, video, sound; In short, the objective is to really expose the product or service as an indispensable element. However, you should not fall into the same mistake that some strategists make with content Brother Cell Phone List marketing , considering that the amount of information is directly proportional to the sales that will be generated. On the contrary, the quantity is not the key to the effectiveness of this type of marketing, but the creativity with which the information is presented, the quality and the personalization with respect to the target.

To do this, blogs, infographics, images and of course, videos should be considered as ideal means for selling content, which gain strength in strategies that seek to integrate mobile elements, as they represent the most recurrent form of content consumption. , at least in Mexico, unlike last year, in which data from Marketing Charts and Conductor reflected that blogs were the most popular type of content marketing with 80 percent, followed by 62 percent who projected it through video. YouTube, one of the 10 most popular platforms in the world, reported last year that 400 hours of video were shared every minute . Thus, in sales, content marketing is not everything, since it must focus much more on the offer of the product or service and become selling content, to achieve a consumer need in the shopper.

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