COVID-19: the power of streaming to connect with users during lockdown

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COVID-19: the power of streaming to connect with users during lockdown

The implementation of social distancing and quarantine measures due to the coronavirus how do i find a phone number in france pandemic is transforming the digital habits of the inhabitants of the entire planet. One of the most pronounced effects of the confinement that countries such as China, Italy, Spain, France or the United States have had to impose on their population is the increase in the use of streaming services , that is, the consumption of audiovisual content online.Data such as those collected in Spain by Statista at the end of March 2020 show that the use of VoD (Video on Demand) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO grew by 60% in the morning slot as a result of the state’s declaration alarm in this country.Therefore, the terrain and the rules of the game for brands change. With the rise of streaming, they have new ways to connect with their target audience. Let’s see what they are and how to navigate themHow does confinement alter streaming consumption habits?
The modification in the consumption patterns of streaming services during the COVID-19 epidemic reveals two clear trends:

. Netflix, HBO and Disney +, at the forefront in the battle of the platforms
Interest in subscribing to platforms that allow viewing a wide catalog of movies and series online has increased significantly in March. As SEMrush has detected , Internet searches related to streaming services in the United States increased an average of 12.7% this month compared to FebruaryThe progress made in inquiries about HBO (24%), Netflix (18%) and Disney + (43.5%) stand out . The latter, in operation in the United States since November 2019, began to be operational in Western Europe on March 24, in full quarantineIn Spain, the irruption of Disney + has taken it directly to the second position in the ranking of the most downloaded apps on Google Play and the App Store between March 26 and April 1. As you can see, the queens of this classification are the applications to organize virtual meetings and group video calls, such as Zoom, Houseparty and Hangouts Meet, essential during quarantine:Infographic: The most downloadedapps during COVID-19 | Statista
More infographics at Statist Demand for streaming audio falls
More time at home means more hours of watching TV from the couch… but not necessarily more minutes listening to our favorite songs. And it is that the reproduction of music in streaming has regressed in the countries in which confinement measures have been decreed. As an example, this investigation by Quartz indicates that, in Italy, the top 200 of the most popular songs on Spotify saw their number of daily reproductions fall by four million (23%) , from 18.3 to 14.4 million , following the restriction of the movement of citizens.In the United States the trend is similar. An analysis by Music Business Worldwide reveals that the number of weekly streams of this Spotify top 200 dropped by nearly 1 billion in the week of March 6-13 . In the following, the decline continued, losing 3.1% more to 5,726 million views, the lowest figure recorded in the United States by the streaming music platform since last Christmas.

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What could justify this drop in streaming audio consumption ? Most likely it is because we like to listen to music more when we are away from home, during our gulf email list  trips by car or on public transport, or in bars, discos and gymsLUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUPProgrammatic advertising on Advanced TV during the COVID-19 crisis
It must be understood that, for confined users, continuing to connect with their usual brands is a way of maintaining a link with normality, with the life that will continue to be there when the pandemic subsides. But, on the other hand, commercial communication should not be considered under the usual codes , but adapt to the new reality that has become the day-to-day of the receivers. Consumption of streaming movies and series during confinement
In this context, brands have a golden opportunity to take advantage of the advertising potential of Advanced TV .In times of coronavirus, it is essential that the messages of programmatic advertising are in tune with the mood of the target . Influence health care, protection, coverage of basic needs and the maximum guarantees in the shopping experience is essential today. And, thinking about the future, hope, confidence and the certainty that you will be able to make up for lost time and make up for bad times with little pleasures should be conveyedLUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
Streaming broadcasts: an opportunity to connect with the target
In addition to introducing advertising messages, it is also possible for brands to create streaming broadcasts with attractive content for their target audience . We are talking about Social Media Live Streaming , widely used in journalism and in the music industry, and which takes place thanks to platforms that allow broadcasting in real time without the need for a large technical deployment, such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Instagram Live Storiesalks, concerts, theatrical performances or webinars are just some suggestions to take advantage of this channel. However, in times of the coronavirus, Q&A sessions with experts who respond to the doubts that confinement creates in the daily lives of citizens gain prominence ; and interviews , like this one from Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, to Anthony S. Fauci, director of the American NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) :In short, never before has streaming received so much attention from such diverse layers of the population. It is time to take advantage of this favorable wind to reinforce branding and strengthen the digital presence of businesses.

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