Current Consumer behavior

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Current Consumer behavior

Studying consumer behavior is related not only to what consumers buy, but also to the reasons why they buy a product, when they buy it, where, how and how often. There are consumers who, due to their opinions and recommendations, influence the purchase decision of others. Although how to track a mobile number in kenya this analysis acquires greater importance over time, it currently takes a radical turn in terms of market behavior compared to a few years ago.Technological change is one of the main variations, as well as the change in the culture and traditions of current consumers. The constant evolution of technology has generated a change in the consumption habits of the current market and consequently companies must provide their customers with personalized attention in order not to sell only goods or services, but experiences and lifestyles. All this generates changes in the behavior and needs of people, so it is necessary for companies to evolve according to the tastes and needs of the client in order to optimize customer service and generate greater profitability.All these variations have given rise to a new style of marketing, in which it is necessary to offer the market something more than basic elements and mass consumer products; today it is necessary to reinvent an organization and the products or services it offers.

Nowadays the means that have served perfectly to sell average products to average people are disappearing and are not as effective as before; This is because today’s consumer should not be offered products or services, but experiences; In addition, the new marketing focuses on serving neglected niches, that is, consumers who are not within the market average, since these types of consumers are those who talk about the product or company (either for or against ).



In this way, the idea of ​​providing experiences to consumers was born; experiences that make them passionate about the product, the brand and the company,  gulf email list since these types of experiences that are memorable for customers will be those that make them speak positively about us and that consumers spread the message to their relatives, thus having a very effective marketing based on the recommendation, that once this has been achieved it should not be neglected so that an effective Customer Relationship Management strategy is always maintained. Based on the changing market that has developed today, it is necessary to offer personalized products to be the consumer’s preference, and to be able to offer different products for different types of market,The current market has diversified enormously, and the important thing today is to develop strategies that adapt to the reality of the consumer, and that also work regardless of the internal or external changes that are generated, in order to retain customers. As Seth Godin says, we must be memorable to consumers, we must be “purple cows” to attract attention, and constantly change so as not to disappoint the market and always keep them with the expectation that it will come later.Although it is true, customs and habits can change over time, but needs will always be present, so it is important to segment the markets so that new strategies can be established that allow us to use the available communication channels. in an efficient and effective way.The market will continue to evolve and we must prepare day by day for it, therefore it is our obligation to know current and potential clients, in order to satisfy their immediate and future needs.

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