Customers are already using self-service on a daily basis

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Customers are already using self-service on a daily basis

Forms of self-service such as ATMs, vending machines, self-service gas stations and even in the same stores, are part of our day to day. Nowadays, everyone may check the Internet before making any purchase.We often do not want find telephone number in kenya to contact other people to help us make a decision. Not all of us like to wait our turn to make an inquiry. Some prefer to avoid human contact and go the self-service route, because they know what they want and how to do it and will probably want to do it outside of their working hours.
For these types of clients, it is important to respond to their requests in less than 24 hours. If so, these customers will appreciate our work, they will be more satisfied and they will most likely buy our product or service again and perhaps share their positive experience with other people through social media. True or not?The days when answering a customer after 24 hours was seen as welcome are long gone. The rule of “if we react in 24 hours, we are doing a great job” is officially history. This is another important conclusion drawn from the study by Steven Van Belleghem in collaboration with SSI about how important speed has become in problem solving. Most consumers are becoming more and more impatient and expect an answer in less than 4 hours! It is a nightmare for customer service departments or for any call center. It is the customer and not the company, the fundamental key to each business. Companies cannot survive without their customers, while they will be able to substitute your products or services for others.



Companies expand their businesses to the online channel and this causes other types of problems. A rapidly growing customer base around the world is a covert challenge. It’s a substantial challenge that is making it even more gulf email list difficult for many companies to offer 24-hour customer service. However, excellent customer service should always be available, even when you are not. So what can companies do about it? What can we offer the client when we are not online?The answer is obvious as soon as you know it. Just get out of the way of the customer and provide them with a great self-service solution.Old prejudices and fears about the impact of these solutions have made many companies refuse to implement self-service solutions. Now, these companies suffer the consequences of not having understood the advantages of this channel.
Self-service is the most profitable customer service channel. In addition, at any moment you can know what your client wants, what questions, what worries him … this is the dream of marketing. Imagine; know what your customers want; It is the key element of success, not to sell your products, but to sell what your customers want!When customers solve their own problems, tickets are diverted, their volume is reduced, and the transfer to customer service agents only takes place where it is really justified. Another advantage of self-service is that the customer helps himself without bothering your team with all the trivial questions, and you can spend all your time working on the product. This represents extraordinary savings for companies, since customer service agents no longer have to answer repetitive and elementary questions.
If you meet the expectations of your customers by allowing them to use another communication channel with your company that they really want, you will win. This is the win-win situation, everyone is satisfied.


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