Customers react to offers and discounts but especially value the quality of service

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Customers react to offers and discounts but especially value the quality of service

75% of consumers say that the main incentive that leads them to join a brand’s loyalty programs are discounts or the possibility of obtaining free samples. Although there are also other added benefits, such as the possibility of obtaining better customer service (44%), according to the Nielsen global survey on customer loyaltyNielsen’s work found notable differences depending on the geographic area of ​​the clients. Thus, while the economic advantage was the main stimulus in almost all areas, especially North America (61%) and Europe (54%), other fundamental aspects such as getting free shipping is relevant for 59% of the inhabitants of Latin America, while only 22% of Europeans or 25% of North Americans consider it that way. free nigerian phone number database It should be clarified that the offers are not only a specific attraction, but also encourage purchases and retain customers. This is reflected in the Synquera study, which shows that 93% of customers frequent those stores where they find offers on those products they buy regularly.
On the other hand, it is also important to know what barriers are those that hold clients back from joining these types of programs. The main reason argued by 50% of those surveyed is its high cost, while 43% admit that they do not consume enough products from that brand to be able to appreciate its benefits. 37% indicate that it is difficult for them to belong to this type of initiative, while 30% are not able to really appreciate its benefits.


On the other hand, saturation in sending messages means that 27% are reluctant to participate in these programs, along with 25%, who are especially reluctant to  gulf email list  provide their personal information. A figure that coincides with wha t is shown in the Maritz Loyalty Annual Report on Loyalty published this summer, where it was indicated that brands request a large amount of data (13%), which they have difficulties accessing (10%).
How could it be otherwise, customers demand initiatives and proposals from brands, reasons that lead them to opt for them instead of their competition. If the initial promise exceeds their expectations, they will repeat the purchase action, they can even get involved at a higher level, participating in a loyalty program. It all depends on the brands being able to incentivize and retain their customers.

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