Customers want to interact with brands and companies through the internet, although only 30% are prepared for it

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Customers want to interact with brands and companies through the internet, although only 30% are prepared for it


According to the study developed jointly by Siemens Enterprise Communications and the consulting firm Yankee Group, 70% of consumers want to interact with brands through the Internet, although only 30% of companies are really prepared for it.The study data clearly indicates the predisposition and role of new consumers to participate and be part of the conversation with brands through media and social networks. However, the fact that many companies resign or do not decide to start their activity in this type of media is one of the main factors that reflects that the vast majority of companies are not yet prepared to face the new era of communication and communication. social peru mobile number.
This study delves into the importance of social networks in business and business communications, highlights the fact that the vast majority of employees and consumers prefer to use social networks for their business communications, also pointing out that average customer satisfaction With current business
interactions through this type of media, it is only 65 percent and that a third of companies still do not have formal social media policies, do not allow their use for work or are reluctant to participate in they.


In parallel, other data in the report indicates that almost 60% of consumers affirm that the reach offered by acompany through social networks would increase loyalty and trust towards that company or its brands.Regarding the time gulf email list dedicated to these media, 50% of those surveyed affirmed that they use or access social networks on a daily basis or several times a day, and that almost 70% of employees demand and require better tools to manage the networks social in their business.
Zeus Kerravala, vice president of business research for Yankee Group, indicated in this regard how social networks are changing the way in which businesses, customers and employees interact, creating new opportunities for companies. To the extent that the integration of new resources and tools is promoted, companies will be able to improve interactions with their customers and consumers and increase the positive impact on collaboration and employee productivity.


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