Deciphering Core Web Vitals, Google’s New Performance Indicators

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Deciphering Core Web Vitals, Google’s New Performance Indicators

If you are up to date with the latest in SEO and Web Performance, then you will undoubtedly know that Google has recently added new indicators to improve its evaluation of the browsing experience. These metrics are called the  free telephone number search canada Core Web Vitals and we’d like to figure them out with you.What are Google Core Web VitalsThe Web Vitals Core is a set of indicators linked to the speed, response time and visual stability of a web page . According to Google, these KPIs will help website owners to evaluate the user experience in a more appropriate way. Over time, these new indicators will have to be combined with existing factors, such as having a website compatible with mobile browsing, offering a secure experience using the HTTPS protocol, or even not imposing intrusive interstitials. The following outline perfectly sums up Google’s willingness to integrate Core Web Vitals into its existing KPIs as future metrics to evaluate user experience:Le The Core Web Vitals are currently made up of 3 indicators , explained in detail below:Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) The Largest Contentful Paint measures the loading speed perceived by the user by calculating the loading time of the most important item seen on the screenIt replaces existing indicators such as Load or DOMContentLoaded , which did not take into account the concept of “visibility on the screen”. In the same way, it is easier to understand than the First Meaningful Paint (FMP) and the Speed ​​Index (SI) , two quite complex indicators that, however, we can still find in the Lighthouse tool . Source: t Input Delay measures the amount of time required before the user can interact. Google recommends having an FID less than 100 milliseconds.

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This indicator is the true first impression that the responsiveness of your website will make on the user. And, as in all areas, the first impression is usually crucial. gulf email list  The FID especially takes into account actions such as clicks, keystrokes and “taps” in the mobile version Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
The last of the indicators, the Cumulative Layout Shift , will be dedicated to measuring the visual stability of your website.We refer here to the frequency with which users experience an unexpected change in the page layout.The lower the score, the more enjoyable the navigation will beThe CLS represents the sum of all individual page layout change scores for each unforeseen variation that occurs during the life of the page. This score must be less than 0.1 To calculate individual scores, Google relies on the following formullayout shift score = impact fraction * distance fraction
For example, if within a page there is a text block that scrolls down to show another element, Google will measure the Impact Fraction , that is, the union of the visible areas of all the unstable elements of the previous image and of the current imageExample of a text pad that will tell you what you will do
In the image above, there is a text element that occupies half of the visible part on the screen. Then, in the following image, the element is shifted down 25% from the height of the window. The red dotted rectangle indicates the union of the visible area of ​​the element in the two environments, which, in this case, occupies 75% of the total window, so its Impact Fraction will be 0.75 .

Always based on the Google example, the largest dimension of the window is the height, and the unstable element has displaced 25% of the height of the window, resulting in a distance fraction of 0.25 .Thus, in the example, the Impact Fraction is 0.75 and the Distance Fraction is 0.25 . Therefore, the scroll score for the page layout is 0.75 * 0.25 = 0.1875 Where to find the Core Web Vitals?
You can find these three indicators in the tools that Google offers for free …Où trouver les Core Web Vitals
… And, especially, in the Google Search Console of your website, which will now show the indicators about the loading time of your pages in the section Improvements> Main Web Metrics Top Web Metrics and Improvements section, Core Web Vitals translation
Source: Google Search Console How to approach these new indicators?Although the ranking algorithm of websites does not include these indicators at the moment, it is important to consider them as an additional toolbox that allows, apart from winning positions in the SERP, to improve the user experiencet Labelium we have already fully integrated these new KPIs into our methodology, both in the audit phase and in our web performance monitoring dashboards for our clients.


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