Delete an app and put it back on Google Play

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Delete an app and put it back on Google Play

Since I’ve been working in App mobile number list download , it’s the heaviest thing I’ve had to do… Deleting and uploading an app to the Google Play Store isn’t as rare as it seems, big companies have done it, an example is Movistar with its application «Yomvi», one day its app stopped working, I would download the new one or bye bye to all its functionalities. Today we are going to see the steps necessary to make an efficient app change , although at the marketing level it is a put … CHALLENGE! Let’s call it challenge😉
The challenge of starting from scratch, winning positions in the top charts, migrating users efficiently, communicating an important change for the user, managing negative evaluations and ratings, etc. In short, to start over …Steps to delete and re-upload an app in the Play Store1. Impact assessment
We are already clear that we have to do it, it is an irrevocable business decision, there is no going back … First we must know what the consequences of our decision will be, which will allow us to anticipate and reduce the impactFor example, some of the problems we may face are; loss of users, negative reviews, drop in rankings and top chats, confusion among users, Google penalties for duplicating tab, problems with associated Facebook applications, etc.


Design of the communication strategy gulf email list To minimize the impact on users, we must design a communication strategy that explains why and facilitates change as much as possible. We are going to lose users, of course, but we must try to ensure that the active and most loyal do not stop trusting us.We can carry out Email Marketing actions and use the brand’s channels in RRSS to communicate the change.3. Redesign of the “old” app
We must help the most clumsy, to identify the old app with respect to the new one , so that they realize that they are seeing an “old” application, in disuseOne option that I really like is to gray out the screenshots of the tab and the icon. Also accompany it with a title that includes an “out of service.” All this without updating the file, we leave it prepared4. New look and feel for the “new” app
Our new app must have differentiating elements , new colors, a more modern icon … Feeling of novelty . If we were planning to make an identity change, this is the best time. The example in the following image shows a change, not excessive, but better than nothing.. Upload the new app
New applications need a few hours for Google to approve and make them available. Once it is approved we have to be quick and attentive, right now we have two applications in the store and users can go into shock.If we also have the budget to carry out a User Acquisition campaign , much better. Our App Store Optimization (ASO) will rise like foam and we will make everything go much fasterIt is important to bear in mind that since it is a new app, our campaigns will also focus on users who had the old app but do not have the new one6. We update the “old” app
On the one hand, we develop a configuration so that when it is opened an error message appears inviting to download the new one .

On the other hand, we update the Play Store file with the changes that we had proposed (gray screenshots and icon, new title, new description, …) It is important so that users who arrive through organic search do not make the wrong application.When we have a high percentage of users migrated to the new app (“% adoption” in the image), or when more than 48 hours have passed, we can consider removing the old one from the store By eliminating it, those inactive users who do not have automatic updates will not be able to access the app, if we did not do this they could continue using the old one, even if it no longer “worked”.When do I make the change?The question would be, when will there be less impact? This is when we must make the changeAccording to data from the users of the apps I work with, around 85-90% of them have automatic updates activated (and many smartphones do it at night) so it may be a good time to make the change .

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